Fischer: Liberals Can’t Be Wise Without God

Here’s a class Bryan Fischer diatribe declaring that liberals “cannot be clued in, you can’t be discerning, you can’t be perceptive, you can’t be wise unless you begin with a holy reverence for God.” Wise like you, Bryan? You’re one of the most virulently ignorant people I’ve ever encountered, a volcano of inanity.


  1. Alverant says

    When the data contradicts scripture, ignore the data. Isn’t that what Answers in Genesis says Fischie?

  2. says

    Gush, you’d think if this were true, Fischer would be perceptive, discerning, and wise. But he isn’t. So has he found a bizarre way of confessing to everyone that he’s actually an atheist? Go away, Bryan, we don’t want you either!

  3. sinned34 says

    Meh, it’s just a sop to the uneducated rubes.

    “Those Ivy League elites think theye so cool. Well, our holy book says that without Jesus, they ain’t so smart after all! See? Even with a sixth grade edumacation we’s is still better than thems!”

  4. busterggi says

    “you can’t be wise unless you begin with a holy reverence for God.”

    By that logic polytheists must be wiser than monotheists.

  5. ianken says

    General comment on the site: your ad provider is…bad…banned videos with cleavage and asses? “The one weird trick” scams?

    Well, at lest you don’t promote them in posts.

  6. Randomfactor says

    By that logic polytheists must be wiser than monotheists.

    Monotheists are wise enough to disbelieve in thousands of gods. Atheists are just a LITTLE bit wiser.

  7. D. C. Sessions says

    ianeymeaney — that makes sense. People who know science won’t be properly awed by the lights with no fire, for instance.

  8. says

    The whole concept of God prevents Wisdom from otherwise forming in the minds of those it infects, reducing them to slavish obedience, fawning subservience, to the rich people that lord it over them using religion as a political harness.

  9. John Pieret says

    Come on guys … this isn’t rocket science …

    Thinking like Fischer and his cohort = wise

    Those who don’t think like Fischer and his cohort ≠ wise

    Liberals don’t think like Fischer and his cohort and, therefore, ≠ wise

    It is a perfectly valid syllogism.

    It’s only fault is GIGO.

  10. lorn says

    Ironic, given that, as fortified by his God as he may be, he completely fails to show any wisdom.

  11. Kristen Gilmore says

    I’ve been working in theatre too long. It is very difficult for people like me, who regularly encounter villains in my day job–megalomaniacs, religious blowhards, abusive parents, wicked witches, mustache-twirling capitalist factory owners… all stripped of any sympathetic traits so as to allow the audience to celebrate their Act II defeat–to acknowledge that people like this really exist. He’s been oversimplified to the point of absurdity! Surely he is parodying this hyperbolic violent ignorance to illuminate the dangers of fundamentalism. I know this is not the case, I know he is not a Poe, he actually takes himself seriously and his commentary reflects the viewpoints of three-dimensional people who want to hear it, but it is hard to believe that a character as melodramatic as Fischer can function outside of a Panto. I half expect The 700 Club to have a studio audience who calls out “He’s behind you!” when Pat Robertson enters the stage.

  12. says

    “It is a perfectly valid syllogism.”

    Well, there may be some gism involved.

    If Brainless Fischer is “wise with God”, I don’t even want to SEE, “foolish”.

    @ Kristen Gilmore:

    Follow the money, young lady. Fischer believes that he is special and should be rich; if he has to lie through his fucking teeth about his special relationship with JESUS, so be it.

    This is not original to my brainpan. I read this stuff about Fischer and the legion of KKKristianist charlatans who make a living by grifting the rubes–every frikkin’ day. It occurs to me that I, an atheist, am (my blogging persona aside) a pretty decent person. I don’t lust for money, control of others or my “in group” hegemony. I am the polar opposite of people like Fischer who is a money grubbing, hate filled, piece-of-shit. Thank you, uncaring universe, for making me the man that I am.

  13. caseloweraz says

    Perhaps Bryan Fischer will commune with his God and learn some wisdom about the current problem in Syria, which Fischer will impart to us…


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