Aug 21 2013

Wiles: McCain, Graham and Obama Want Muslim America

It’s always amusing when the right eats their own. Rick Wiles and Erick Stakelbeck say that John McCain and Lindsay Graham are in league with President Obama are “carrying out the instructions of their master” to turn America into an “Islamic bastion.”


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  1. 1
    Gregory in Seattle

    I get the impression that “handing America over to Islamic theocrats” actually means not handing America over to Christian theocrats.

  2. 2

    This is not amusing. This is insane. It’s such obvious nonsense that I can’t believe anyone could say it with a straight face. Why are tinfoil hat wearing nutcases like this being taken seriously at all?

  3. 3

    d.c.wilson “Why are tinfoil hat wearing nutcases like this being taken seriously at all?”
    You’re right. Why would tinfoil hat wearing nutcases listen to tinfoil hat wearing nutcases who tell them what they want to hear?

  4. 4

    As I’ve posted elsewhere, this seems like a bunch of Cold Warriors looking for a Communism-like enemy.

  5. 5
    Thumper: Who Presents Boxes Which Are Not Opened

    Love how speaker #1 tries to support #2, but backpedals because he can’t bring himself to outright accuse Republican Party members of serving Obama.

    And the irony of #2 calling McCain a warmonger.. delicious.

  6. 6

    Strange how Pres Obama is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood by giving money and arms to the Egyptian army who are killing and imprisoning members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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