Fischer’s Idiotic Defense of Obama Photoshop Claim

After taking a lot of flak from people for his moronic claim that President Obama was photoshopped into that war room picture when Bin Laden was captured. His defense is staggeringly stupid. He actually claims that they had to find a picture of Obama that wasn’t looking down because he’s always looking down on everyone. Oh, and Hillary Clinton having her hand over her mouth proves that she can’t be president. Even by Fischer’s usual standard of idiocy, this screed will make you laugh out loud.


  1. Doug Little says

    He actually claims that they had to find a picture of Obama that wasn’t looking down because he’s always looking down on everyone.

    Holy shit Obama is God, who knew.

  2. Alverant says

    So all the campaign photos of Obama looking at the camera just vanished? Even off the internet?

  3. Alverant says

    The ad banner at the top of the page I’m looking at is one of those “Tell Obama you have his back” with a picture of him looking up. So how hard did Fischer fish for a picture?

  4. caseloweraz says

    Of course Obama always looks down — even when playing basketball. When he shoots for the hoop, he looks at little mirrors on the toes of his shoes to correct his aim.

  5. Abby Normal says

    he’s always looking down on everyone.

    Unlike Fischer, who is the model of humility, deference and compassion.

  6. Loqi says

    Leave it to a biblical “literalist” to not understand the prase does not mean he’s literally looking downward. Next. Up: Fischer says he isn’t lying because his trousers haven’t sponaneously combusted.

  7. alanb says

    Here’s an interesting idea: the office of the White House photographer is on the ground floor of the West Wing. If he couldn’t find a good picture to photoshop, maybe he could walk up a flight of stairs to the Oval Office and take one.

  8. jnorris says

    Why is Mr Fischer even bothering to answer his critics. His supporters don’t care and they will forget this when he says the Next Stupid Thing.

  9. tyros says

    noe1951 beat me to it… I really want to photoshop Obama’s face into the Ceiling Cat picture. Alas, I’ve never tried image editing before, but this is just the right kind of motivation!

  10. Trebuchet says

    @DM, #13: This is Ed’s blog. You REALLY need to get back on your meds. Perhaps they can help you with that in jail.

  11. remarcsd says

    What a maroon; nose in the air and looking down all the time–a mutually exclusive proposition.

    I also note with interest that Fisher not once lifted his eyes upwards during his little diatribe, which tends to indicate another dose of projection rather than a serious commentary on someone else.

  12. Paul Loebe says

    I have a wife who is a professional photographer. I think she could learn him a thing or two about spotting photoshop… ;)

  13. dan4 says

    @15 and @16: Some crazy person complaining about “threats” not TEN FRIGGIN’ MINUTES are writing “we know who you are.” Colbert has nothing on whoever “koobreakers 2″ is.

  14. bobbyearle says

    It’s Dennis Markuze, aka David Mabus.
    I am sure Ed will clean up this mess in short order.

  15. grumpyoldfart says

    At the 0’55” mark he refers to his hypothesis. I thought it was still at the conjecture stage.

  16. Christoph Burschka says

    I’m confused. Obama lives in the same building as that room. If he wasn’t in the picture, why wouldn’t they just take a new one. The suppression of the original photo and the complicity of everyone present would have been required either way.

    There is so much wrong with this idea.

  17. colnago80 says

    Re matty1 @ #23

    I might suggest that Brayton also might want to comment on the ongoing brouhaha going on on several Freethoughtblogs about rapegate, i.e. the allegations about a couple of well known atheists who shall remain anomymous. If lawsuits are filed against the Lousy Canuck and PZ amongst others, Brayton will not escape the fallout.

  18. says

    Actually, if FTB does get hit with a lawsuit, the less Ed says about “rapegate”*, the better as far as his own liability is concerned.

    *Is this what we’re calling it? Really?

  19. freehand says

    It’s not just that he makes up shit and believes it; it’s not just that he makes up shit that is quickly and easily disproven (e.g. Pics of Obama not looking down are rare). It’s that he makes up easily disproven shit that is so mind staggeringly stupid.

    These people have no reasoning ability, no introspection, no sense of proportion, and absolutely no shame. Hence, he cannot be embarrassed. I am still embarrassed by stuff I said or did in eighth grade, 50 years ago.

  20. exdrone says

    I am led to believe that Fischer’s intellectual pursuit is playing Spot the Difference (between these two photos). How dare you question his finely honed expertise. It’s as if you’re saying his extensive library of puzzle books have been a waste of money.

  21. thebookofdave says

    If they needed Obama in a more appropriate pose, they could have simply taken one while he was tuned in to the Bryan Fischer show. He would have definitely been looking upward then. Photoshop would have corrected for the eyeroll and maybe even touched up the facepalm marks.

  22. Trebuchet says

    It occurs to me that the difference between Mabus/Markuze and Fischer is that DM really is mentally ill. Fischer doesn’t have that excuse.

  23. Trebuchet says

    Oh, and I’m actually sorry that I apparently missed a couple of later posts by DM. Did he actually take my first reply to him as a threat?

  24. Doug Little says

    Trebuchet @30,

    Yes, you definitely got under his skin. Never seen that kind of direct response from Mabus before, it’s normally just nonsense.

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