Janice Daniels Doesn’t Know When to Quit

Here in Michigan, we’ve got our own version of Anthony Weiner, a politician who simply doesn’t know when to slink away and stop bothering everyone. Her name is Janice Daniels and she used to be the mayor of Troy, a wealthy suburb of Detroit. Used to be because she was removed from office in a recall vote after only a year in office for a string of bigoted anti-gay statements.

Daniels ran the city of Troy, a northern Detroit suburb, for just a year before she was recalled in November with 52 percent of the vote. Her first offense came shortly after she was elected in 2011, when a Facebook post she had written before the election surfaced.

“I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there,” it read.

Not long after, she met with members of Troy High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance to address concerns about the Facebook post. During the meeting, she offended several high schoolers who believed she suggested homosexuality is dangerous to one’s mental health. Afterwards, Daniels told the Detroit Free Press her statements were misrepresented.

Last June, when the recall campaign was gathering steam, Daniels drew more criticism for comments on a radio show comparing the dangers of the “homosexual lifestyle” to smoking cigarettes.

So she was recalled by voters. But now she has filed the papers to run for the city council (it only takes 75 signatures on a petition) and she’ll be on the ballot in November. Seriously, Janice, just go away.


  1. marcus says

    Janice, you ignorant asshole, please send me your ‘I <3 NY' carrying bag. I have never been to New York but I've loved the place ever since they embraced marriage equality started letting 'queers' get married there.
    PS What Ed said.

  2. MikeMa says

    What rationale can she have for re-entering politics in a city where she was recalled? That wasn’t enough humiliation? Maybe she’d like to run for city council in some Russian city?

  3. CSB says

    She’s not Michigan’s Anthony Weiner until she gives herself an absurd alias.

    I suppose we can offer suggestions. Given her anti-gay obsession and her residence in Troy, I’m going to propose Helen Thebes.

  4. says

    I don’t <3 New York. However I'm pretty sure that there is no way she can claim that she "misspoke" there, which makes me wish that every conservative bigot would speak about their bigotry so plainly.

  5. scienceavenger says

    “What I said was, there’s a higher incidence of [overall] disease in the homosexual community.”

    There, see? That’s so much better.

    But what about the lesbians? Will someone please think of the lesbians?

  6. freemage says

    *Sigh* I’m afraid that there’s not really a comparison here (beyond two individuals who should not be in public office). This woman, as odious, inane and obnoxious as she is, was ultimately speaking her mind. Sure, her mind is an offensive cesspit, and the public reacted appropriately to her disgusting bigotry, but her offense falls well into the category of ‘let the voters deal with it’. Weiner, OTOH, is a serial sexual harasser who used the relative distance of the internet to behave in a fashion which, if done in person, would get you arrested.

    To be clear: I don’t care that Weiner sent dick pics to women who were not his wife–that’s between her, him and them. I care that he sent them to women with whom he had no prior relationship and no reason to believe that his attentions were desired at all.

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