Glenn Beck: Psychoanalyst

This video is a hilarious bit of psychological projection from Glenn Beck as he tries to psychoanalyze President Obama. He bizarrely thinks “they” — no idea who that is — have made Obama out to be the greatest athlete ever. Oh, and Obama is a coward who cries himself to sleep in the fetal position. Mr. Freud, call your office.


  1. Randomfactor says

    Glenn Beck’S psychoanalyst is going to make a fortune. Or at least a lifetime guaranteed income.

  2. himurastewie says

    Interesting. I could be wrong on this, but I’m pretty sure Beck called himself out within the first 15 seconds of the video. Not that he realizes it, of course.

  3. says

    Obama’s athleticism has never been a subject in my world except for one instance when someone brought up his fondness for basketball as a racist dog whistle. But then, I out of the mainstream media loop.

    As for the coward accusation, isn’t weeping in the fetal position how once-fringe-now-mainstream Republicans spend the night? Glenn Beck often seems to go on the air specifically to give people that impression.

  4. Jordan Genso says

    Maybe he wants to be a psychoanalyst and therapist all in one, also known as psychoanalrapist, like Tobias Funke (although Tobias wasn’t psycho).

  5. Skip White says

    Jordan Genso @4:

    I could totally see Beck getting a vanity license plate saying “ANUSTART.”

  6. felidae says

    It is an axiom in the psych business that the values we project into others are the ones we most despise in ourselves and it couldn’t be more obvious than this case. Glenn is insecure, fraudulent, paranoid,a misfit, and probably, a lousy golfer, so I rest my case

  7. says

    First time in a while, but I couldn’t make it through the video without a facepalm.

    As for psychoanalysis — just look at all the props as he’s talking. Any professional would have a field day with the paraphernalia he puts on display.

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