Atheist Books Go To Georgia Public Parks

Pursuant to the agreement between the state of Georgia and a coalition of atheist groups, a collection of atheist books are now making their way into the cabins at state parks there, including copies of the The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible. Here’s a picture of those books and a couple others that are being sent to the state for placement in the parks:



  1. markv rodriguez says

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  2. matty1 says

    I wonder if they’d accept my new novel Spambots from Hell starring the poster at 1 and 2?

  3. says

    Wait. That was spam? Damn it, Ed! I trusted you. There goes $9909, down the drain. Second time they got me in the last 8 weeks.

  4. aziraphale says

    Why I Am Not A Muslim seems an odd choice as a flag carrier for atheism in Georgia. I imagine not many people there are thinking about becoming Muslim. Indeed they may already be more anti-Muslim than is desirable.

  5. edmundog says

    I think Why I Am Not A Muslim is a good choice, as it contains a lot of good points for atheism in general, and some anti-Muslim type might pick it up on a whim and learn more than they bargained for.

  6. Trebuchet says

    What’s the over/under on how long they’ll last in the cabins?

    “Why I am not a Muslim” will probably be around a while. The others, about five minutes, if they even make it into the cabins at all.

    My great-grandfather, by the way, was a founding member of The Gideons. According to his obituary, it was he who proposed they place Bibles in hotel rooms. The society wasn’t able to confirm that for me.

  7. skinnercitycyclist says

    some anti-Muslim type might pick it up on a whim and learn more than they bargained for

    Please point to a case where these people have learned anything.

    But including that book is a good idea if only to preempt the claim that, in excluding Islam from criticism, atheists are all about hating Christians, as well as the usual fatwah envy that accompanies such claims.

  8. exdrone says

    Since the label on the boxes show “Imaging Hawaii” and “Printed in China”, I’m wondering how long it will take before fundies complain about muslim Obama conspiring with communists to infect southern christians with atheism. Or am I already too late?

  9. abb3w says

    @9ish, skinnercitycyclist

    Please point to a case where these people have learned anything.

    There’s more than a few anecdotes of ex-Fundies encountering something that knocks them out of the echo chamber of their upbringing. My local Skeptic group is not a particularly representative sample, but I think there’s two of the circa two dozen regular attendees who were raised as fundamentalists, but abandoned the faith of their upbringing at some point during their 20s. (The GSS indicates these days, roughly one in eight raised-as-Baptists turn Nothingarian.) That sort are easy enough to turn up in various on-line forums discussing religion.

    Of course, it’s not clear that any of these books will be have even a 1% chance of impacting any given person who encounters them. But that’s probably for the best; I find that I’m made nervous by any book where 5% of the people who read it become devotees of its concepts after reading.

  10. says

    Please point to a case where these people have learned anything.

    “These people” being “anti-Muslim”s?

    It hardly seems necessary to point to a case. In fact, it seems pretty damn closed-minded to insist that closed-minded people can never be expected to become more open-minded. Especially when talking to atheists/secularists in America, the majority of whom have done precisely that.

  11. says

    I was going to say, though, that the best reason an anti-Muslim should be faced with a copy of Why I am not a Muslim is so that they can actually learn of some good reasons to not be a Muslim (not to be confused with being anti-Muslim), as opposed to “Because I’m a Christian.”

  12. Michael Heath says

    They missed Greta Christina’s masterpiece of an argument, Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless along with Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation or End of Faith.

  13. eamick says

    I just hope someone had enough foresight to explicitly specify in the agreement that the books must be placed in the cabins in readable condition.

  14. Sastra says

    I hope it doesn’t become a badge of Christian honor to destroy these books. It’s a mighty faint hope.

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