Klingenschmitt Sees More Demons

Gordon Klingenschmitt has already announced that Obama is possessed by dozens of demons, but now he’s identified one. Not by name, mind you, just a “demon of tyranny” that is using Obama to destroy the country. I think Klingenschmitt is possessed by a demon of stupidity.


  1. leskimopie says

    Is his nickname “Dr. Chaps”? I see that randomly go by in all of his videos right after his name.

  2. John Pieret says

    Klingenschmitt truly lives in a Demon-Haunted World. What ever candle in the dark he ever had long ago blew out.

  3. eric says

    I like how the marquis gets the gist of the verse right. Great juxtaposition. Very Colbert.

  4. says

    After reading several of his posts, I’m convinced that Don Williams is just a troll.
    He really has no regard for the topic or a particular thread. His goal is to just male nuisance of himself and derail the discussion.

  5. bahrfeldt says

    If he were stupid he might have to get a real job, instead he fine tunes his flock fleecing. “I’m fighting demons, send cash now!!”

  6. colnago80 says

    Re d.c. wilson @ #8

    Actually, I find ole Donaldo’s comments a source of much levity and look forward to responding to them, when appropriate. As I have stated previously, we have a history going back to a blog that philosophy major Mathew Yglesias, who now pontificates about economic issues on Slate, used to have where we engaged in endless discussions about his favorite conspiracy theories.

  7. Michael Heath says

    Al Dente writes:

    In fundispeak “possessed by demons” means “I don’t like his politics.”

    Well yeah, but conservative Christians are idiotic and delusional enough to actually believe in demons. Many are also becoming increasingly idiotic and delusional enough to believe that their political opponents are demons. I think because they’re political opponents with power aren’t white, male, and Republican. The last one due to conservative Christians becoming the base of the GOP over the past four or so decades.

    So while you’re correct, let’s not lose sight of how nuts it is for them to believe in demons and think that those they don’t like politically are in fact demons. Even if when they’re a fellow Christian like Barack Obama.

  8. Don Williams says

    SLC at 10:

    My source of levity is liberals who don’t recognize the cognitive dissonance of reelecting a Dick Cheney in blackface.

    The Democratic Leadership’s source of levity is the suggestion that liberals might ever do anything other than whine impotently. As Nancy said — after she cracked up laughing — they have nowhere else to go.



  9. colnago80 says

    Re Don Williams @ #13

    Given the insanity of today’s Rethuglican Party, she’s right. Just imagine President Ted Cruz or President Rick Santorum. Imagine the clowns they would appoint to the Supreme Court.

  10. grumpyoldfart says

    @ Klingenschmitt:
    See what happens when you are surrounded by yes men. Nobody has the courage to say that you are being stupid and everybody is trying to gain favor by brown-nosing. Each day you go a little farther out on the limb and there is no-one brave enough to call you back – so you just get sillier and sillier.

  11. Trebuchet says

    After reading several of his posts, I’m convinced that Don Williams is just a troll.

    He’s not the only one.

  12. dingojack says

    Dan –

    Ed’s leader: “… I think Klingenschmitt is possessed by a demon of stupidity.”
    Busterggi (#5): “More likely is that Klingenschmitt is the demon of stupidity.”

    Can you spot the difference?


  13. says

    I love OuttahisGourdo’s look,; it’s so, so miisterial. If GOD spoke through Klingingshite, I would fear for the universe; as it is, I yawn about most of what he says.

  14. says

    I kind of find it amusing that there are people who just take abstract ideas they don’t like and invent a demon for it. It’s like if I went into a bathroom and said “This place is haunted by a spirit of stinkiness!” and wasn’t just kidding around. I wonder if there’s a demon of losing your socks in the dryer. I’m pretty sure I’m possessed by that one.

  15. skinnercitycyclist says

    If you all think demons don’t really exist, how come I can never find a pen when I want one?

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