Skepticon Needs Help

Skepticon is my favorite conference to go to. I love the fact that it’s free, which means a lot more people can afford to go, especially younger people. And being around young atheists always energizes me. JT Eberhard and Lauren Lane are once again taking the lead in organizing the conference they created 6 years ago and he’s putting out the call for contributions so they can keep the event free. Please help out if you can. This is an amazing event and I really hope it continues.

The Bipartisan Consensus On Surveillance

Glenn Greenwald reports on the behind-the-scene battle over an amendment that would have confined NSA data mining only to those who are actually under investigation rather than allowing them to collect massive amounts of data on all of us in the name of stopping terrorism. That amendment failed in the House, but the vote was pretty close — and the leadership of both parties united to make sure that no limits would be placed on the National Surveillance State.
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Steve King May Have Lost His Mind

Rep. Steve King is feeling the heat after making comments so racist that even his fellow Republicans are criticizing him. Saying that the vast majority of Mexican immigrants in this country are drug runners and that you can tell this just by looking at them, he took to the House floor to defend himself. And gave a bizarre, rambling speech comparing himself to Jesus and claiming that his free speech rights are being violated.
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Marine Policy Says Lack of Faith a Risk

You may remember a couple years ago when the Army was forced to change its policy after reporting on this network revealed the “spiritual fitness test” required of soldiers that denigrated non-religious personnel. Now the Marines have been caught doing something quite similar. Official policy in at least two documents identifies those without religious belief as risky and dangerous.
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