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Romney and Our Conveniently Faulty Memory

Perhaps the single most important events of the 2012 election was the public release of a video showing Mitt Romney telling a group of wealthy donors that 47% of the country are lazy and dependent on the government and therefore would never vote for him because he can’t convince them to be responsible for their lives by voting for him. Romney seems to think he never said that: Read more

Kentucky is the New Kansas

Or the new Texas, I suppose. Kentucky is currently writing new science standards for public schools and, predictably, the wingnuts are out in force to attack the teaching of evolution and push for the inclusion of creationism. They’re trotting out all the usual hysteria: Read more

Suit Claims Driver’s License is Mark of the Beast

A woman in Oklahoma is suing the state, claiming that it’s a violation of her religious freedom to require her to get a driver’s license because — wait for it — the license is the Mark of the Beast mentioned in that terrible acid trip recorded by someone named John in the book of Revelation. Read more

TheoCons Applaud Russia Anti-Gay Law

I’ve already noted that deranged bigot Scott Lively is a big fan of Russia’s new brutally oppressive anti-gay laws, but it turns out a bunch of other theocratic conservatives in this country are in favor of the bill too. The Associated Press reports: Read more

Wingnut: Muslims, Mexicans Killed Detriot

I’d never heard of Frosty Woolridge before finding a link to this column on a wingnut website. He’s an anti-immigration activist who has been everything from a dance teacher to a “lifestyle coach.” Whatever the hell that is. He used to live in Detroit but he says stupid things like this: Read more