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  1. says

    Unfortunately she’ll be able to cry wolf as long as she wants, as most of her target audience will never figure out she’s doing it.

  2. raven says

    And it’s all our fault for not listening to her.

    Not quite.

    It’s all our fault for not sending her some money.

  3. otrame says


    That one deserves to get spelled out in cross stitch and put up on the wall. Words of wisdom.

  4. shouldbeworking says

    The voices in my head are louder and much more entertaining. They want me to spend money on things they enjoy such as beer, pizza and a new lap top.

  5. JimB says

    I’m gonna put a mark on my people

    Like some kinda big fucking growth on the side of their face. I had a mark like that once, but a doctor and a little spray can of really cold shit made it fall right off.

  6. dragon says

    I’m gonna put a mark on my people

    If I remember what I read in bible revelation, the one that puts his mark on people is the other guy. I think she is mixing up the imaginary voices in her head.

  7. John Pieret says

    her imaginary friend (she calls him God) is going to punish the country for treating gay people like human beings with equal rights

    Dis is a nice country ya got here. It’d be a shame if’n something bad happen to it. Now the boss would like to take care of it fer ya but he has to get somthin’ for his trouble, see. His friend Cindy’ll be around once a week to like pick up his … um … remuneration, if’n you know what I mean. Don’t disappoint the big guy!

  8. grumpyoldfart says

    I have to laugh when I think of her parishioners listening to that bullshit – and then throwing all of their cash onto her collection plate.

    Cindy laughs too

  9. Freodin says

    Whoo… I like this woman! She promised that there will be a whole lot of shaking…..

  10. bushrat says

    Well, the good thing is that the voices in my head say the voices in her head are full of shit, and that I should only listen to them. I tend to agree with them.

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