Where’s Jesus?

If you had “in an old man’s breakfast burrito” in the Where Will Jesus Appear Next pool, please claim your prize. A man in Texas — where else? — says that he found the face of Jesus staring up at him as he ate breakfast. And wouldn’t you know it, someone had prayed for this to happen:

A Texas man found Jesus Christ in the middle of breakfast last week and the revelation came in his bacon and egg taco…

It’s a blessing from God,’ Mr Garza told KTVB news.

He’s hoping to keep the taco and eventually figure out how to preserve it so he can frame it to hang on his wall.

Mr Garza got his taco at La Amistad Adult Daycare in Beeville, a small city between Corpus Christie and San Antonio. Workers in the cafeteria still make the flour tortillas by hand every day…

The director of the facility, says she was in the midst of family turbulence when she prayed to God for a sign the night before Mr Garza discovered the taco.

‘We believe God works in mysterious ways,’ Angie Rodriguez said.

Yes, but pariedolia works in entirely mundane and predictable ways. And if you can pick out the Jesus in this image, you may need to see an optometrist.

Jesus taco


  1. Thorne says

    And if you can pick out the Jesus in this image, you may need to see an optometrist.

    Agreed. It looks more like Gimli the Dwarf.

    You can even see the grog stains in his beard.

  2. Aliasalpha says

    Well i can see something that looks like a shadowed face if you imagine fairly hard, looks more like jack Nicholson though.

    I like how he plans to figure out a way to preserve the taco eventually

  3. vmanis1 says

    I tend to be a little bit groggy when eating breakfast, I do it too early in the morning. If Jesus appeared in my bowl of organic ancient-grains cereal, I might just eat him without noticing. Is that a sin? If so, is it venial or is it mortal?

  4. lurker in a strange land says

    I’m seeing a long curly haired guy with sun glasses, mustache and a goatee like some 70’s type rocker. Yes I need to see an optometrist, thanks for reminding me.

  5. Mr Ed says

    I’m getting Simba from Lion King. I wonder if it means something that readers here see cartoon characters?

  6. says

    Looks like a male African lion to me.

    See, it’s Aslan! Who is really Jesus or something! Never finished that series, but I read TV Tropes, and I think that was the point of some Gainax Ending or something.

  7. sinned34 says

    You guys are nuts. It’s obviously Kratos. Now that he’s killed the entire Greek pantheon of gods, it’s Yahweh’s turn to die at the hands of the Ghost of Sparta.

  8. John Kruger says

    I wish Jesus would turn up in my burrito.

    Then I could bite his head off.


  9. matty1 says

    I’m more concerned that I don’t see either bacon or egg. Come on Texas, the world has pretty low expectations of you but we do expect you to get basic foods right especially when one of them is a meat.

  10. eoleen says

    When I was a child (lo! these many many many moons ago), they used to be referred to as “the lunatic fringe”.

    It now appears that they have taken over the asylum lock, stock and barrel.

    Nurse Ratchet, where are you?

  11. Reginald Selkirk says

    lurker in a strange land #8: I’m seeing a long curly haired guy with sun glasses, mustache and a goatee like some 70′s type rocker.

    Likewise. Where did Jesus get the shades? Could be this guy:

  12. zenlike says

    So she has family troubles, prays to god, and the only thing she gets is a face in a taco instead of a real solution to the actual problem? I would be pissed of…

    But maybe another data point to support the notion that if god were indeed real, it would be more of a trickster god like Loki or a Satyr.

  13. frankb says

    No,no. It is obviously Ishmeal of Nazerath, Jesus’s soused neighbor. I can recognize him anywhere;

  14. kerrietiedemann says

    looks like a dog to me, perhaps the dude’s dog prayed to jesus to stamp the dog’s image on it so the owner would get the hint that the dog was meant to eat the burritio?

  15. Larry says

    St. Peter: At 5, you have a host of nuns coming to give thanks, at 6:30 some boy scouts working on their religion merit badges, and at…

    Jesus: No can do, Pete, not today. I’ve got an appointment this morning to appear in some Texas dude’s breakfast taco. Gotta show the flag, ya know.

  16. Loqi says

    I know that feel. I too get the urge to frame tacos and hang them on my wall.

    The face in that taco is actually my Skyrim character.

  17. sigurd jorsalfar says

    Meh. It’s not as impressive as that time Jesus appeared to the world on a dog’s butt.

  18. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Where’s Jesus?

    Porto Rico I believe right? Or is that Haiti?

    That is pronounced “Hey-zeus” tho’ ..

    (What? Its a common name in that region so I gather!’ k?)

  19. arakasi says

    Come on, people. It is obviously PZ. God finally noticed Crackergate and sent this burito to Mr. Garza so it can be thrown into the trash.

  20. bbgunn says

    I thought it could be Jim Morrison. Some of my female friends in the late ’60s thought he was a god.

  21. Scott Hanley says

    That’s a lot how I would expect Jesus to look, assuming his resurrection ploy didn’t pan out.

  22. tyros says

    Probably any flour tortilla has images of the divine by this standard. Perhaps the guy was down, brooding, staring at his (empty? qué sospechoso) taco and thus truly saw this tortilla as he never had before seen a tortilla.

    (I love the trickster god explanation. A genuine god that appears on random food items and textiles in answer to prayer would be… interesting)

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