Pat Robertson Vomits Up Some Stupid

On Monday’s 700 Club, Pat Robertson said that he wished Facebook had a “vomit” option along with “like” because when he sees men kissing, it makes him want to vomit. And that seemed to be the theme of the day, as he also cited verses about the land “vomiting up” gay people, or something.

“For some reason now the Supreme Court has said homosexuality is now a constitutional right and this decision that was handed down recently by the majority glorifies this activity and talks about the civil rights and all this, well the Bible didn’t talk about civil rights it talked about this was an offense against God and it was an offense against the land and the land would vomit you out.” Robertson continued. “Which is going to take precedence, the Supreme Court of the United States or the holy word of God?”

The Supreme Court, Pat. This is not a theocracy. Just like the “holy word of God” says thou shalt not worship other gods and yet this country allows people to do exactly. And just like the “holy word of God” demands that women who aren’t virgins on their wedding day be stoned to death and yet that would get you sent to prison here. The very founding of this country was a violation of the “holy word of God.” If you don’t like that, perhaps you should go to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, where they really do enforce such barbaric religious edicts.

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  1. sqlrob:

    I like what Conan said (via George Takei):

  2. aaronbaker:

    Pat Robertson makes me want to vomit; when do I get a television show?

  3. reverendrodney:

    How does Robertson see men kissing on FB unless he goes looking?

  4. D. C. Sessions:

    Y’all are missing the obvious answer: Our boy Pat’s kink is regurgitation, that’s all. Not real good for the teeth, but it’s a victimless quirk.

  5. composer99:

    That Pat Robertson is enormously wealthy and influential, despite being a fraud, a bigot, and a liar, pretty much puts paid to the notion of a just world.

  6. dingojack:

    Patty – obsessing over what other people do, and that has absolutely no effect on him – again!
    How many times is that this year?
    Truly ‘a dog returneth to his own vomit’

  7. richardelguru:

    D. C. Sessions “it’s a victimless quirk”

    Surely that depends on whether you watch where you step.

  8. blf:

    Go ahead and vomit all the time. Eventually, you won’t be able to use the keyboard, the camera lens will be caked over, the microphone will have shorted out, the people working with you will have decided they aren’t paid enough to put up will all this shitevomit and left, and peace, rationality, and prosperity will win.

  9. ianeymeaney:

    A more shocking lede would be that Pat Robertson has NOT said something stupid.

  10. RickR:

    Pat, there’s a name for your kink. It’s called a “Roman Shower”.

  11. thebookofdave:

    You beat me to it, RickR.

    +1 internets

  12. Stacy:

    Stephanie Meyers calls Pat Robertson “Evil Uncle Chuckles.” Perfect name for him, what with his avuncular tone of voice.

  13. Stacy:

    Damn it, I meant Stephanie Miller. Stephanie Miller! Not Stephanie Meyers, the wretched novelist.

  14. caseloweraz:

    I seem to recall that the early Christian church had a kiss of brotherhood. But I suppose Robertson would say that was then, this is now.

  15. steffp:

    St. Paul:
    “Greet one another with a holy kiss” (1 Cor. 16:20, 2 Cor 13:12)
    “Greet all the brethren with a holy kiss” (1 Thes. 5:26)
    St. Peter:
    “Greet one another with the kiss of love” (1 Pet. 5:14)
    Undoubtedly another one of those “purely metaphoric” scripture passages.

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