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Gohmert: It’s the End of Civilization!

Rep. Louis Gohmert wasn’t going to let Michele Bachmann get all the headlines for saying incredibly stupid things about the Supreme Court’s marriage equality rulings. He says those rulings will bring about the collapse of American civilization. Read more

No, Obama is Not Going to Block Keystone XL

President Obama gave a major address on climate change on Tuesday, outlining some important steps to reduce our production of greenhouse gases that make the planet warmer. But far too many people are being terribly naive about one particular passage: Read more

Wingnuts: Sham Gay Marriages are Way Worse

Tony Perkins welcomed Rep. John Fleming to his radio show this week and they made the ridiculous and hypocritical argument that same-sex marriages could be shams just to get benefits — as if opposite-sex marriages could not be the same thing. Read more

Julia Galef: Reason is Not Enough

I’m moderating a panel discussion at FTBConscience on critical thinking with Jeremy Beahan, Dan Fincke and — I hope — Julia Galef. This video demonstrates why I want her to be there. She points out that it’s not enough to be able to recognize logical fallacies if you aren’t willing to sublimate your ego, admit that you might be wrong and genuinely consider the merits of an argument. Read more

Beck: Paula Deen the Victim of McCarthyism

I’ve really had a difficult time dredging up even a tiny bit of give-a-shit about the whole Paula Deen racism thing. I’m glad she’s off the Food Network now, but that would be true no matter why it happened. But I do have to laugh about this hysterical overreaction from Glenn Beck: Read more