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Farah and the Coming — and Mythical — Persecution

Joseph Farah is predictably upset about the Supreme Court’s marriage equality rulings and he’s making sure all his followers know that the federal government will probably start rounding them up and throwing them into FEMA reeducation camps any minute now. Read more

The WND is Mad at Pelosi

I’ve never been a Nancy Pelosi fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I rather liked her response when asked about Michele Bachmann’s moronic statements about the Supreme Court’s marriage equality rulings on Wednesday. “Who cares?” she replied. Perfect. But the Worldnutdaily has their undies all bunched up over it. Read more

Staver: ‘This is the Thing Revolutions Are Made Of’

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel and the Liberty University School of Law has been spinning so fast in the wake of the Supreme Court’s marriage equality rulings that he may well have dug a hole to China. In an interview with WND radio, he even says “This is the thing that revolutions are made of.” Oh, nonsense. The reaction from non-wingnuts is going to be a collective yawn. But he’s also spreading some manure around. Read more

Republican Xenophobia and Immigration Reform

Will Wilkinson notes a recent survey that shows that overwhelming majorities support all of the key elements of the immigration reform package being considered by Congress, including Republicans. 86% of Republicans, for example, support the path to citizenship. Then he provides an accurate explanation for what that has little to do with what Republican legislators are doing on it: Read more

Where Does the Court Go From Here?

Wednesday’s victories for equality in the two marriage cases are very important but they are also very limited. The DOMA ruling forces the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages performed in states that allow them but does nothing to overturn the bans on the practice in more than 30 states. Nor does the Prop 8 ruling. So where does the court go from here? All the way to equality, almost certainly, at some point in the future. Read more