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Beck Wonders Why He’s Called a Conspiracy Theorist

On a show last week, Glenn Beck went on quite a tirade about the media making a “concentrated effort” to label him a conspiracy theorist. And it’s apparently all Cass Sunstein’s fault. Cass Sunstein? The Harvard law professor? Yep. Hey Glenn, maybe people call you a conspiracy theorist because that’s what you are and it’s what you do. Read more

Perry: BSA Will Answer to God

As the right wing continues to throw a temper tantrum over the Boy Scouts of America making a small, tenuous and incomplete step toward equality, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, an Eagle Scout himself, told the FRC’s Tony Perkins that the board members who voted for the new policy will have to answer to God. Read more

Republican Elders Speaking Out

As the Republican party struggles to handle the well-documented demographic and ideological problems that are making their electoral lives difficult, several elder statesmen (and women) of the GOP are starting to speak out. I’m sure you saw Bob Dole’s comments last week about how neither he nor Ronald Reagan would be welcome in today’s party. Read more

Rename Military Bases? Absolutely

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Jamie Malanowski raised an issue I’d never thought about in a New York Times op-ed piece arguing that military bases named after Confederate leaders should be renamed. And there are a whole bunch of them other than the obvious one, Fort Lee. Read more

Tantaros: Against Violent Rhetoric. By Others.

You may have seen last week when Andrea Tantaros, a far-right radio talk show host and Fox News contributor, told her listeners that if they ran into any Obama supporters that day, “Do me a favor — punch them in the face.” Here’s the full quote: Read more