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Kokesh Calls for Armed Revolution

Adam Kokesh, the unhinged nutball who is organizing a march on Washington by more than 5000 armed people on July 4, is now going even further and calling for an armed march on all 50 state capitals to begin a “new American revolution” by dissolving the federal government. Read more

Bachmann Won’t Run for Reelection

Someone I know from Minnesota recently suggested to me that they didn’t think Michele Bachmann was going to run for reelection and I dismissed the idea out of hand. Silly me. She’s now announced that she is not going to run in 2014 after all. Read more

Idaho Sheriff Isn’t Too Bright

I’m sure this will come as a huge shock to you, but it’s pretty easy to get elected as a county sheriff while being a complete moron. Case in point, Sheriff Ben Wolfinger of Kootenai County, Idaho, who says he’s dropping his agency’s sponsorship of a Boy Scout troop because the group is now “promoting” sodomy, which he mistakenly thinks is illegal. Read more

SCOTUS Gets One Right on Due Process

The Supreme Court got one right on a criminal justice and due process issue, which is always cause for celebration. And it’s a case from Michigan, McQuiggin v. Perkins, which involves a murder conviction for someone who may well be innocent. Floyd Perkins says he is innocent and he has affidavits from several of the witnesses in his original trial that attest to that. You can read the full ruling here. Read more

Wiles: Damn Commies Are Ripping Our Hearts Out

Rick Wiles of TruNews is upset. Very upset. You see, the Boy Scouts letting gay teens join is not, to him, just a matter of disobeying God. Oh no. It’s the “Marxist-Communists” who have taken over the country “ripping the heart out of the American people.” Read more