Massie Calls For Boycott of the Military

For the second time that I know of in my lifetime, a prominent conservative is calling for his fellow right wingers to not join the military and to refuse to re-enlist if they’re already in. Why? Because the military no longer discriminates against gay people.

Obviously, we cannot form another military, but we don’t have to volunteer, nor do we have to re-up when our tours of service are over. I believe the military would get the message very quickly that our Armed Forces are not intended to become a homosexual Club Med if they were to find that enlistment and re-enlistment numbers were sharply declining in protest of allowing and encouraging openly perverse behavior.

The last time this happened, it was Paul Weyrich, co-founder of the Heritage Foundation and the Moral Majority, calling for such a boycott. You know what it was over then? The fact that the military allowed pagans and Wiccans to join. Isn’t it funny how quickly their “pro-American” rhetoric goes away when it comes into conflict with their overwhelming desire to make sure no one who isn’t exactly like them has equal rights? They are so utterly obsessed with forcing their barbaric moral code on the rest of the world that they’re willing to weaken the country (by their own reasoning, that is) by not joining the military over it.


  1. Randomfactor says

    This can’t help but improve the quality of the armed forces…just as Michele Bachmann is contributing to an IQ raise in Congress in 2015…

  2. raven says


    A lot of fundie xians are Dominionists who openly hate decmocracy in general, the US government in particular, and want to overthrow it.

    They say exactly this and quite often.

    No surprise.

  3. daved says

    As best I can determine after a quick web search, Massie is not a military veteran, so what’s this “we” stuff about not re-enlisting?

  4. raven says

    I suspect his call for a boycott will have the same effect as boycotting the military because they let atheists, pagans, and Wiccans in.

    About zero.

    And for the same reason.

    The military has always let atheist, pagans, and Wiccans in. During the draft era, they would force them to join. And it hasn’t made any noticeable difference one way or another.

  5. Kengi says

    I didn’t realize the military was a heterosexual Club Med before DADT was repealed!

  6. Larry says

    Maybe they can man a new, non-gay military by recruiting from the new non-gay scouting organization they be starting.

  7. frog says

    At last, something I can agree with the wingnuts about. Indeed, they should not join the military. That might prevent a few idiocies of the “put Bible verses on rifle scopes” variety.

  8. says

    ” Isn’t it funny how quickly their ‘pro-American’ rhetoric goes away when it comes into conflict with their overwhelming desire to make sure no one who isn’t exactly like them has equal rights?”

    Oh, please! They don’t say “Support our troops“, they say “Support our troops”

  9. busterggi says

    Excellent then the military can represent the entire US instead of the crazy fundie 20 %.

  10. John Hinkle says

    I don’t recall the Big Book of Yaweh’s Own Words saying anything about gay sex being perverse behavior.

    It does say that if a dude lies with another dude, that’s an abomination. For example, two dudes are arrested for removing the wheels off someone else’s BMW. At the police station, both dudes lie about it. That’s an abomination.

  11. cptdoom says

    Why stop at the military? Why not refuse to work with any industry that supports the equal rights of LGBT Americans? They’d have to live off the grid an never use any modern conveniences again, but that’s a small price to pay for religious purity.

    I bet in this time of economic difficulty, the government would have no problem leasing the Unabomber’s “forest bungalow” (ok, that’s real estate speak) as a model for future sin-free fundie community dwellings.

  12. BobApril says

    Hang on – wasn’t that supposed to happen automatically and immediately when DADT was repealed? Weren’t good, honest, right-thinking ‘Muricans supposed to leave the military in droves the instant gays were allowed out of the closet?

    And now, almost two years later…we have to ask WND readers to stay out or get out? Something seems amiss with the reasoning, here…

  13. No One says

    So let me get this straight (giggle), they want gay men and women to run the military?

  14. says

    I thought the wingnut chickenhawks already were boycotting the military? You know, because they always have “other priorities” during wartime.

  15. dan4 says

    @2: A lot of fundie xians are Dominionists who openly hate democracy in general, the US government in particular, and want to overthrow it.”

    “They say exactly this and quite often.”

    Citation(s) needed, especially for the last claim (“…want to overthrow it”). You don’t get to casually accuse a whole group of people of sedition without having to show your work.

  16. Melvosh says

    And where the hell was this guy’s “moral outrage” when Tailhook occurred, not to mention all the other various sexual abuses and openly perverse behavior committed by heterosexuals in the military?

    Oh wait, that’s right. If you’re straight and Christian, you can’t possibly commit any wrong, especially if you’re in the military. As long as you force your beliefs and sexual appetites on others, of course.

  17. kermit. says

    dan4, the word dominionist pretty much means “wants to overthrow the US government and establish a theocracy”. (As I assume you know.) As wikipedia points out, “dominionism and dominionist (when not referring to those subscribing to Dominion Theology) are almost exclusively used by journalists and bloggers.” I would suggest that it pretty much covers most of the Fundamentalists myself, although they would probably protest that usage.
    Nonetheless, how many times have we seen Fundies in action who think that constitutional rights only apply to them, because a simple majority of religious belief means this is a “Christian nation”, and therefore their interpretation of their favorite holy books is actually – not just “should be” – the law of the land.
    I think a majority of that 20% or so, those who would call themselves biblical literaists, are actually hostile to federal law including the constitution, and simply don’t recognize the fact. Many of our fellow citizens think that the Consitution comes straight out of the King James bible.
    We have seen military officers who want to subvert the first amendment, and who want (and often succeed) in bullying warriors into attending religious services.
    I think the issue might be whether we want to attribute that term to anyone who is actively working to subvert the constitution for religious reasons, or merely those who know they are trying to do so.

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