Fischer and Barber, Together at Last

Matt Barber went on Bryan Fischer’s radio show last week and the results were predictably hilarious. Fischer demonstrated the total lack of self-awareness that led me to name an award after him by declaring that the left is “driven by irrationality.” And Barber said it’s easy to be a conservative Christian because “we just simply tell the truth.” In related news, the pot and the kettle were just found dead in a seedy motel on the north side of Las Vegas after a murder-suicide pact.

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  1. blf:

    I’ll take projection, please…

  2. TGAP Dad:

    These two should get a room…

  3. lldayo:

    @TGAP Dad

    They have one already. It’s padded.

  4. shouldbeworking:

    They should come out of their closet pulpit and move in together. They make such a lovely couple.

  5. bumperpuff:

    I’m pretty sure when they say “reality”, “truth”, and “facts” they mean different things than when anyone else says them.

  6. grumpyoldfart:

    Fischer pretended to be listening to Barber at first, but then he started looking anxious; wondering if Barber was ever going to shut up.

  7. John Pieret:

    Fischer and Barber, Together at Last

    With such a density of stupidity so close together we’re lucky that that they didn’t collapse into a black hole of dumbosity that swallowed the entire universe.

  8. kantalope:

    It’s evil don’t touch it.

  9. Ichthyic:

    so happy together!

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