It’s Nazism! And Communism! And Some Other Ism!

The Healthcare Bill will take care of the “useless” senior population via “managed care”. The government will have free reign with the youth. You cannot change a nation unless you change how it thinks and operates…Hence, the lesson learned from Lenin, Stalin, Marx et al, “get the children and you change generations”…

I know this sounds insane, but sadly, it is a reality we are facing today. Don’t take my word for it, do your research.

It sounds insane because it IS insane.

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  1. steve oberski:

    Vladimir Lenin also, said: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

    Who knew that Lenin was a closet Jesuit ?

  2. Doug Little:

    Vladimir Lenin also, said: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

    Oh the’re just jealous, you can’t tell me that they wouldn’t replace a secular education with a fundamentalist religious one if given the chance.

  3. eric:

    Common Core curriculum is being rewritten to provide a global approved curriculum.

    Actually it was developed by a voluntary group of State governments, and AFAIK is going to be implemented on a voluntary basis at the State government level. IOW, in terms of policy-making and law-making process, it should be every Republican’s wet dream. This is just one more example of conservatives rejecting the ‘states rights’ and ‘small government’ concepts when it leads to a social policy they don’t agree with.

  4. composer99:

    This stuff is certified-organic Grade A Bullshit™.

  5. trucreep:

    Haha I got a LOL out of your last line there.

    It sounds insane because it IS insane!!!

  6. timgueguen:

    They can get away with saying nonsense like this because they know their target audience won\’t engage in any sort of research.

  7. frankb:

    Flouridationism, that’s the other ism.

  8. EricJ:

    Wow they’re crazier than I thought. In my area (Tampa Florida) there is a group called 9-12 Patriots, apparently a bunch of Glenn Beck groupies. They have what they call the Commom Core Opposition Team organized to fight the Core implementation locally .

    Their meetup page has a link to a FreedomWorks video with Beck as one interviewee. It’s supposed to be an informative video. I stopped watching after Beck spouted some B.S. about how Federal grant assistance to the states is really a “bribe” to force them to accept the standards.

  9. iknklast:

    Um…wasn’t it during the Bush administration that the right wing trained students to spy on teachers? In case they said anything that wasn’t sufficiently critical of Islam. Now that Obama’s president, they project everything they were doing onto him, whether he’s doing it or not.

    The other group for whom students are requested to spy is those wishing to protect copyrights; some students are paid to report any real or perceived copyright infringement in the classroom.

  10. lofgren:

    Even if all of this is true, it appears the complete list of similarities between Nazism and Common Core is that they want to make some changes to the educational system. It seems like a lot of people don’t remember that the things we hate about Nazis were their totalitarian political system, their reverence for force above all else, their open support of racial supremacy, their unchecked belligerence against all neighboring nations, and, oh yeah, their slaughter of millions of people. A desire to tweak the public school curriculum doesn’t even register. It’s not even like Common Core and the Nazis want(ed) to make any of the same tweaks.

  11. charleswade:

    Besides the attacks on the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, schools face intrusions from the Creation Science folks. Just last week, a principal at Southern HS in Jefferson County Public Schools (Louisville, KY; ~98,000 students; 28th largest school district in the country) told a group of educators that they can teach creationism in a science class! Fortunately the superintendent quickly issued a memo and a statement that stated that creationism had no place in the district’s science curriculum. See article below:

  12. turtleherder:

    It’s the Queers! They’re in it with the Aliens! They’re building landing strips for Gay Martians!

  13. kylawyer:

    @charelswade, I’m guessing you must be a fellow Louisvillian. I saw that and backtracked where it was coming from. Seems our friendly local megafundychurch Southeast Christian, one of the largest mega churches in the nation, helped set up a meeting to help fellow fundy teachers and principals figure out ways to get around the 1st Amendment in order to openly proselytize to students. Absolutely frightening what they are trying to get away with.

  14. d.c.wilson:

    It seems like a lot of people don’t remember that the things we hate about Nazis were their totalitarian political system, their reverence for force above all else, their open support of racial supremacy, their unchecked belligerence against all neighboring nations, and, oh yeah, their slaughter of millions of people

    Well, except for the slaughter of millions of people (I’m feeling generous) wingnuts like those things.

  15. steffp:

    1) As usual the Lenin citation is apocryphal, not in his official writings. Could just as well stem from Montessori, a South American Jesuit, or a Bible Belt home schooler. Because all it says is that education is important. Which is undoubtedly true, even if Genghis Khan says it. So why bother Lenin? Is the Pawlow effect still so strong in the Right, or is it that they deep down know that he was pretty right in more items than they’re willing to concede?
    2) The same accounts for the impertinent assertion that Nazi Germany had “strong teacher’s unions”. All existing German trade unions were erased on Mai 2nd, 1933. The leading trade-unionists were arrested, killed or deported to Concentration Camps. Instead a bureaucratic “front” was installed, a top-down line of command from the ministry for education to the last rural teacher. That’s pretty much the contrary of a trade union.
    3) The Nazi curriculum was anti-enlightenment, anti-intellectual, anti-humanist, fiercely nationalistic (“German exceptionalism”), racist, authoritorian, and full of hate against minorities. Jews, Gypsies, the mentally ill, you name it. They had suggestive mathematics test questions like:
    A madhouse costs 200,000 Mark. A flat for a family costs 12,500 Mark. How many flats can be built instead of a single madhouse?
    I’m pretty sure that anything like that would not make it into the common core, but I’ve heard so called exceptionalist conservatives say even worse. Pretty much I hear from that side reminds me strongly of German books from that era. Just substitute “German” with “USA!”.

  16. meg:

    Sorry, did this come from Or David Icke? That’s the only place I’ve seen the Clintons, Bushes and Obama put in the same conspiracy theory.

    And I think Zieve got Lenin and Stalin confused. . . .

  17. Rip Steakface:


    A Dead Milkmen quote. I approve.

  18. Loqi:

    If this isn’t Nazism, Communism, Marxism and all the “ism’s”, I don’t know what is.


  19. Lithified Detritus:

    I laugh out loud, in a bitter and cynical way, every time I hear about the “powerful” teacher unions. Here in Michigan, the powerful MEA has presided over more than a decade of erosion of my income to inflation, cuts to benefits along with paying more for same, paying more for the pension that was promised to me, etc. While my income has been chipped away, I am expected to do more & more with less & less, while jumping through an increasing number of hoops.

    Teacher tenure has been much maligned, and has not been done away with. The Republicans have been more clever than that – I still have tenure, but it no longer means anything. If I piss someone off, they can get rid of me pretty easily. Fortunately, I have the support of my administrators, but they are not above jerking people around if they feel they have a reason.

    I love my profession, and feel that it is critical to the future of our nation, but I can no longer in good conscience advise a bright young person to go into teaching. This does not bode well for the future of our society.

  20. ambulocetacean:

    firmly tied to Agenda 21–the land-grabbing and human suppression and depopulation program.


  21. vmanis1:

    By the way, there was never any such person as `Vladimir Lenin’. He was born Vladimir Ily’ich Ulyanov, and took the pen-name N. Lenin for his writings. `N.’ at that time just meant `I am a pseudonym’, and never stood for Nikolai. as is sometimes supposed. He didn’t establish major prison camps, though he did establish a secret police, and people of Lenin’s time generally seemed to feel that things were much more free than under the the tsars. Lenin’s legacy is ambiguous, though I tend to feel that, had he lived longer, he would probably have done many bad things under the rubric of `protecting the Revolution’. Still, if you want `bad Bolshevik’, you pick Stalin.

    As for teachers’ unions under the Nazis, yes, there were all sorts of National Socialist unions, all federated together as the National Socialist German Labor Front. These were real unions, lacking only protections for workers, collective bargaining, and other frivolous bourgeois perks.

    To misquote Santayana, `Those who are ignorant of history are likely to fuck it up badly when they try to explain it.’

  22. had3:

    There’s no “s” in “minion.” The Core has failed.

  23. Stevarious, Public Health Problem:

    I think the Republicans have a bad case of ‘Ismism’.

  24. captcondommint:

    Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

    God and Lenin are co-conspirators

  25. fifthdentist:

    @ 12
    “I swear to God!”

    Seems like the only thing that isn’t like Nazism is actual, you know, Nazism.

  26. =8)-DX:

    Isn’t it obligatory to mention the fact that the Nazis also built roads, bridges and infrastructure. Which is why it’s obvious that the US doesn’t need to rebuild it’s infrastructure – that would be like the Nazis! (Stalin also had sweetcorn planted – cornfields are a socialist plot!)

  27. thumper1990:

    That’s just a buzz-word salad. They start off talking about Leninist Communism, then Nazism, then Agenda 21, then how evil Teacher’s Unions are, then more Agenda 21, then the New World order.

    Seriously, it’s just a Conservative (Hey! Conservatism is an -ism, right?) conspiracy theorist’s wet dream on paper.

  28. matty1:

    @26 Why should we listen to you, you obviously breathe oxygen. Just like Hitler !!11eleventy1!

  29. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden:

    The worst part is they are lying to parents and teachers about what Common Core really is and the effects it will have.

    Lying about Common Core! How downright dastardly!! Who oh who would do such an unspeakably evil thing?

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