Fischer Doubles Down on Ferguson’s Bigotry

Niall Ferguson may be apologizing furiously for his idiotic comments about John Maynard Keynes not caring about the future because he was gay, but Bryan Fischer is piking up that ball and running with it. Because gays are responsible for the collapse of the economy, for reasons he never bothers to explain. Man, those gay people are powerful, aren’t they? They can destroy entire economies through the power of anal sex. Oh, and it has something to do with the “gaystapo.”


  1. alanb says

    Either Fischer didn’t bother to read Niall Ferguson’s apology or he’s lying about it. Part of the apology was “I forgot that Keynes’ wife had a miscarriage,” and Bryan runs with “he couldn’t have kids because he was gay.” Of course, it can’t be that he’s lying because Christians don’t lie. Right?

  2. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says


    Really? (Eyeroll.)

    These fuckers really haven’t yet heard of Godwin’s law?

    Or the idea of actually making some sort of sense to convince others of your arguments?

  3. says

    [Keyne’s] view of history’s very short sighted … short circuited … they’re about himself and his generation exclusively …

    This is the same guy who has said that failure to use coal, oil, and natural gas is an insulting rejection of the gifts that God has given to us.

    If there was a god, he, she or it would inflict at least as much pain on Fischer whenever he says stupid shit like this as is inflicted on those listening to him.

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    … apologizing furiously … brings some very strange images to mind.

    Got any videos (preferably of Prof. Ferguson) to go with that?

  5. says

    Does Fischer really believe we should worry about the future? Chancers are he’s one of the however many million Americans who believe Jesus will return before he croaks.

  6. dingojack says

    brucecoppola – I’m gussing the ”Gaystapo’ uniforms are created by a well-known fashion designer –
    such as Hugo Boss?
    ;) Dingo

  7. scottmange says

    Apparently Niall and by extension, Mr. Fischer, didn’t realize Keynes wrote a lecture on the economic possibilities of our grandchildren. You can find out more about that here if you’re interested.

    “……Ferguson also displays his scholarly ignorance by failing to mention the fact that the childless, gay Keynes he mocked actually did write an essay about the long run, ironically titled (at least from the perspective of Niall Ferguson) “Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren.”

    Apparently, Ferguson did apologize for his gay-bashing comments. But he should also issue an apology for his profound ignorance of Keynes’s writings.”

    “John Maynard Keynes 1930
    Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren
    Keynes on the accumulation of capital vs. shorter work time
    and the possibilities for freedom during the Great Depression… ”

    “…….My purpose in this essay, however, is not to examine the present or the near future, but to disembarrass myself of short views and take wings into the future. What can we reasonably expect the level of our economic life to be a hundred years hence? What are the economic possibilities for our grandchildren? …….”

  8. CaitieCat says

    People like this almost make me wish there were a Gaystapo.

    Then i remember I’m not a bloviating fascist talking out his projection issues, and I’ve never invaded Poland.

  9. says

    It’s a good thing that gay people don’t think about gay sex as much as Fischer. If they did they would never have time to implement their agenda on the rest of us.

  10. says

    I imagine that when Fischer thinks, “Gaystapo” he’s thinking of hulking teutonic Aryans wearing just the strappy bits of the uni, a leather thong and, of course, stiletto heeled jackboots.

    Fischer and people like him are WAY too focused on what teh GAY will do them.

  11. Uncle Glenny says


    Fischer was obviously traumatized by being exposed to Tom of Finland “comics” at an impressionable age.

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