Obama Possessed by Demons

William Tapley, the “co-prophet of the end times,” has a video in response to President Obama’s speech to Planned Parenthood claiming that the speech was proof that Obama is possessed by demons. It’s also full of lies about abortion rights.


  1. Mr Ed says

    I know that good family values dictate that we stone false prophets but what do we do to false co-prophets? Pelt them with pea stone?

  2. Aliasalpha says

    Presumably when stoning them, you’d need to chuck the rock in such a way that it bounces off one false co-prophet and hits the other

  3. says

    I don’t know about y’all, but if I was “also known” as “The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse” and/or the “Co Prophet of the End Times”, I’d keep rather quiet about it

  4. frankb says

    I stopped listening at “demonic facial expressions”. This guy is a goofball in the fine traditions of co-prophets. LOL

  5. Doug Little says

    I think we need to rename this blog to “Wingnut Central” or “Another Glorious Day on Planet Wingnuttia”. Is it just me or have a disproportionate number just come out of the woodwork lately.

  6. says

    Wadeafuggin’minit! I thought Obama WAS a demon. How the hell can a demon be possessed by a demon?Oh,.wait, maybe it’s a gaydemon, Okay, now I get it.

  7. Larry says

    How the hell can a demon be possessed by a demon

    It’s demons all the way down!

  8. acroyear says

    The only demons that have possessed Obama are the demons that whisper in his ear that if he gives Republicans in Congress what they ask for, they might compromise in return.

    This is a very powerful demon, it seems.

  9. ah58 says

    I’m curious who he’s co-prophet with, the guy who wrote the book of revelation? Also, who are the first and second eagles of the apocalypse?

  10. Red-Green in Blue says

    Is Barack Obama possessed? Yes, he is. Possessed of an intellect, that is…

  11. says

    You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen Tapley’s recent 3 part series where he provides an in depth analysis on why PSY’s Gangham Style video is about the antichrist.

  12. mildlymagnificent says

    I doubt Tapley will ever top his series about the Denver airport being designed to imitate a vagina. (And in case you hadn’t guessed it, that’s baaaad!)

  13. some bastard on the net says

    Were those really the scariest expressions a presidential demon could come up with? Damn you, D&D, you’ve let me down, again!

    To paraphrase a joke from MST3K: I now know that if I ever encounter a demon, I can just push it the hell over!


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