CNN Blames Right Wing! Except They Didn’t.

The Worldnutdaily and much of the right wing blogosphere is up in arms because, as WND claimed, a CNN national security analyst had blamed the right wing for the Boston Marathon explosions. As a sub-heading on this article claims, “Media blame right wing.” But then you read the text:

While the initial indications may point toward Islamic terrorism, some in the media have been speculating it could have been a domestic attack, with some analysts suggesting “right wing extremists” were involved.

CNN national-security analyst Peter Bergen said some of the information will become clear when police reveal what kind of explosive was used.

Bergen said al-Qaida often uses hydrogen peroxide explosives, while another type of explosion might signal that a “right-wing extremist” was involved.

The explosions, Bergan said, reminded him of the Oklahoma City bombing, for which Timothy McVeigh was arrested, convicted and executed.

And Bergen said it also brought to mind other “right-wing” attacks.

“Right-wing groups trying to attack, for instance – trying to attack the Martin Luther King parade in Oregon in 2010,” he said. “So, if it is a device of some kind, you know, we shouldn’t leap to conclusion about where it’s coming from.”

Joseph Farah calls it “sheer demagoguery” (something he certainly knows a thing or two about). But in fact, Bergen was right on. The unexploded devices will be a huge help in telling the FBI who is behind the attacks because different groups tend to use different types of devices. And no, a right wing extremist group was certainly one of the possibilities at the time. It’s just more of the same persecution complex.


  1. jamessweet says

    I’ve been careful to avoid saying, “Must be some Tea Party wannabe!” or something along those lines, because that is indeed the kind of demagoguery that WND is complaining about. (It’s not quite the same as “Must have been a Muslim!”, since generally Tea Party wannabes aren’t the victims of hate crimes — but nevertheless, tarring your political enemies with responsibility for a terrorist attack with absolutely no supporting evidence is pretty shitty…) That said, I mean dude, the date alone has to make you think “domestic uber-‘patriot’ type”. Who really knows at this point, but it’s not demagoguery to observe that, um, this was the same date as the OKC attack…

  2. raven says

    And Bergen said it also brought to mind other “right-wing” attacks.

    “Right-wing groups trying to attack, for instance – trying to attack the Martin Luther King parade in Oregon in 2010,” he said. “So, if it is a device of some kind, you know, we shouldn’t leap to conclusion about where it’s coming from.”

    Eric Rudolph, the xian terrorist, pled guility to the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta.

    The MLK bomb wasn’t in Oregon though, Spokane Washington.

    2/3’s of all terrorist attacks in the USA since 9/11 have involved right wing extremists and/or xian terrorists. (Source, FBI).

  3. Chiroptera says

    While the initial indications may point toward Islamic terrorism….

    Right. The “initial indications” were that a suspicious looking character in a video surveillance tape looked like he may have had darkish skin.

    Never mind that I suspect that having darkish skin might have been part of what made the individual “suspicious looking.”

  4. Alverant says

    jamessweet one nitpick, OKC was April 19 not 15 in 1995. So it’s not an exact anniversery nor is it some important, multiple of 5, year anniversery.

  5. abb3w says

    Wisdom of crowds seems to point to either Islamists or domestic right-wing anti-tax behind it, but that’s mostly “round up the usual suspects” of those with some likely motive.

    The only other long-shot association I’d suggest would be IRA — not that I consider it seriously likely, nor can I think of a sane connecting logic. However, they have done bombings in the past, the Irish economic instabilities may be heating up the old political instabilities, and there is a strong Irish American community in Boston… not all of whom are exactly Good Will Hunting.

  6. Draken says

    I’ve come to expect from islamist terrorists that they sacrifice themselves in the act, and somehow make it clear that Allah is great. Only two bombs, remotely controlled pressure cookers, sounds like a lone psychopath.

  7. garnetstar says

    Fortunately even exploded bombs leave great quantities of exploded evidence. And, I am sure that that will tell investigators a lot about who could be responsible.

    But, until then, hey, let’s “kill all the Muslims”! Eric Rush says they wouldn’t be any great loss, so why not?

  8. says

    @Alverant April 19th is the actual date of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. The Massachusetts/Maine holiday to recognize it is Patriots day which is the day the marathon is held. So while there is not a strict calendar relationship between the events it is possible there is a link.

  9. says

    It’s useless to speculate, because you have all of the following in play:

    April 15: It’s a Tea Party protest against taxes.

    Patriot Day: It’s an anarchist protest against government in general.

    Boston Marathon: It’s a disabled person’s protest against runners, running, healthy living.

    Boston: Heavily Irish Catholic. Could it be a Protestant protest against Catholicism?

    Massachusetts: Supporting gay rights. Right-wing protest against gay rights?

    Massachusetts: Supporting abortion rights. ‘nuf said.

    US: Well, any silly reason you might want to stick in your head. Imperialism, Islam, Waco, alien spaceship, Bigfoot, whatever.

    And finally: Random crazy person who wanted to see how much damage he could inflict with 2 pressure cookers. Like the two guys who got their jollies being snipers around the Washington DC area a while back.

    It’s all useless speculation. Security “experts” are guessing just as wildly as anyone else.

    Random crazy person seems more likely the longer it goes without some definitive claim of responsibility. Which will make it much, much more difficult to solve.

  10. says

    WND doesn’t allow facts to get in the way of a good headline.

    They do realize, don’t they, that Islamists are considered “right wing” by rational people? They’re certainly not centrist or leftist, that’s for sure.

  11. timberwoof says

    A liberating phrase I think we should repeat a few times is, “I don’t know.” Speculation is tempting because any answer (often the first one you come across, and we know what Carl Sagan said about that) shuts off the pesky inquisitive circuits. But it so often leads one to wrong answers.

    Who placed the bombs and why? I don’t know yet.

    Give the police time to investigate. Keep calm and persevere.

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