Limbaugh: Obama Trying to Eliminate Me!

Following the age-old tactic of claiming that criticism is censorship and oppression, Rush Limbaugh told his credulous listeners the other day that the Obama administration is trying to “eliminate any opposition” — especially him, Fox News and the Drudge Report.

RUSH: The White House’s Dan Pfeiffer, spokesman for the White House, is complaining again about the Drudge Report and chastising reporters for using it and then asking him about things on the Drudge Report. It’s been a horrible thing to happen to news, the White House says, in America. Yep.

RUSH: The White House goes after Fox News by name, and the White House goes after me by name, because what the White House wants is to eliminate any opposition — political, media, wherever it is. That is the modus operandi of the president, rather than debate people and win in a contest of hearts and minds. They don’t want to do that, no, no, just eliminate the opposition. It’s been the way Obama has approached politics since his first days in it.

Well, now they’re back to calling out Drudge. This is from the Washington Examiner. “During a Playbook Breakfast event with Politico’s Mike Allen, White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer lamented the effect of the Drudge Report on the news cycle.” He said, “This is less true now than it was, but there’s a Pavlovian response from some media outlets.” You mean like the Pavlovian response we got when Bush named Cheney to be his VP, gravitas? If I’ve ever seen a Pavlovian response, it was that. About a hundred thousand media people all used the same word to describe the choice of Cheney: gravitas. We’ve played that sound bite for you over and over again. And there have been other examples.

“‘This is less true now than it was, but there is a Pavlovian response from some media outlets,’ Pfeiffer explained, noting that reporters often ask questions about a topic just because its on the Drudge Report. Pfeiffer added that when he is asked about something on the Drudge Report he usually ridicules the reporter asking the question until they sheepishly back down. Pfeiffer said that the Drudge effect can be damaging to the White House effort to communicate their message.”

Well obviously, the most effective way to “eliminate the opposition” is to have a single adviser make an offhand remark to a reporter during breakfast. A single accurate remark, by the way. This is, of course, exactly what Hitler did before he started throwing Jews into the ovens. First they came for the staggeringly rich and influential political carnival barkers, but I said nothing…


  1. chilidog99 says

    Paranoia is often a side effect of drug abuse.

    (Was that a non-sequitur or a straw man argument I just made? Who cares what Rush says anymore. Even the brain dead right recognize him as a clown, Albeit, for their purposes, he is a useful clown)

  2. daved says

    No drone strike aimed at Rush would ever miss — nobody could miss a target that large.

  3. slc1 says

    The reference to the Drudge Report is rather laughable, considering the low opinion that limp dick Limbaugh has for gay men. Of course, maybe gay men who stay in the closet are alright with limp dick, and Drudge certainly fulfills that role.

  4. dogmeat says

    rather than debate people and win in a contest of hearts and minds.

    Given that the president won the last two elections by 9.5 million and 5 million votes respectively, wouldn’t that suggest that he debated people and won the “contest of hearts and minds?”

  5. says

    dogmeat @6: no, of course not. It suggests that that CommunistMuslimAtheistSocialistScaryBlackNaziMan has the mojo to suppress the votes of hard-working tax-paying Real Americans.

    I mean, come on, let’s be realistic here.

  6. caseloweraz says

    Limbaugh: “It’s been a horrible thing to happen to news, the White House says, in America. Yep.”

    It sound like Limbaugh is agreeing with the White House here that Drudge is a horrible thing.

    BTW: Didn’t Limbaugh promise to leave the country if Obama won reelection?

  7. stace says

    Rush needs to be eliminated from the body politic like a big ole turd. If only it were that simple.

  8. leftwingfox says

    Limbaugh speaking about Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC:

    “This is Marx, Mengele, communist manifesto, the nuclear family has always been under attack by communists, leftists,” he said. “The nuclear family, just like religion, must be destroyed, and in its place the community, the collective. So while this is outrageous in its self-contained form, it isn’t anything new.”

    Help. Help. He’s being oppressed.

  9. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne says


    Was that a non-sequitur or a straw man argument I just made?

    I’d say neither. It’s more an ad hominem or perhaps an instance of the genetic fallacy.

    (Assuming, for the sake of argument, that Rush’s paranoia isn’t a result of drug use.)

  10. Michael Heath says

    Rush is employing a type of argument most recently popularized by Sarah Palin. She claimed that people correcting her factual errors were depriving her of her speech rights.

    Such behavior sometimes comes coupled to others within the tribe actually seeking to suppress speech, making for a collective psychological projection by the tribe. E.g., one inside person/group will seek to eliminate speech while criticism of such has other tribal allies falsely claiming the critics are attempting to stifle speech. Liberals are not immune from such behavior either, it’s an attribute of highly zealous ideologues.

  11. jnorris says

    The White House has to do something about Ted Nugent before they can take out Rush Limbaugh. Does anyone know what day is Ted Nugent Day? Do we have an hour and minute into that day to countdown to?

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