Brown: This Must Be What Civil Rights Movement Was Like

The National Organization for Marriage’s anti-equality rally in Washington, DC was pretty much an abject failure, but NOM’s Brian Brown is pretending it was a huge success and that it will help sway the Supreme Court — oh, and that this must be how Martin Luther King felt like.

We were hoping for 5,000 people and we ended up with over 10,000. We filled the whole area in front of the court when we marched. It was a diverse coalition, we had African American leaders, Hispanic leaders, State Sen. Ruben Diaz brought 30 buses from the Bronx; it was just amazing. What I was most happy about, we talked about this before the rally, the way everyone conducted themselves. We were chanting, we were united but when folks tried to get in our way, there were some gay marriage protesters who tried to get in front of the march and stop us even though we had a permit, everyone just knelt down and started praying. I was not alive during the Civil Rights Movement but this is what it must have felt like, people were just so ecstatic to stand up and they did it in a loving, respectful way but they weren’t going to be silenced. I couldn’t be more happy with what happened today, I think it’s a huge step forward for the pro-marriage movement and I don’t think it’s going to be lost on the Supreme Court justices that we were there and we were there in force.

Yeah Brian, it was just like the civil rights movement. Except for that, you know, civil rights thing and the fact that you were there trying to deny equal rights instead of fighting for them. A KKK rally and a pro-civil rights rally are not the same thing just because they’re both gatherings of people.


  1. dingojack says

    ” … State Sen. Ruben Diaz brought 30 buses from the Bronx… “*

    Presumably so Teh Gayz could get to experience riding where NOM thinks they belong – at the back
    * the were, clearly, totally empty buses. Awww, what a damn shame!

  2. harrisonsalzman says

    I wonder which side of this issue Mr. Brown thinks that the Reverend Dr. MLK Jr. would support, were he alive today? If he thinks that it would be his side, then he really needs to crack open a history book.

  3. Synfandel says

    If these bigots are “pro-marriage”, what are the gay and lesbian people who want to get married…anti-marriage? Does that actually make sense to anyone?

  4. Phillip IV says

    I was not alive during the Civil Rights Movement but this is what it must have felt like

    Actually, it’s a pretty apt comparison – the anti-equality rally he organized this March probably felt a lot like the kind of anti-equality rally he would likely have helped organize against the civil rights movement, had he been born a generation earlier.

  5. steve84 says

    It was like what the Civil Rights Movement felt for the people under the white sheets

  6. jws1 says

    @#7: Off topic, but I gotta point this out: I lived in northwest Arkansas when the 40th anniversary of the “Little Rock Nine” rolled around. There was a large story ran by the area’s dominant newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, about how the angrily shouting white girl later became close friends with the black girl she’s shouting at in a very famous photo of the event. Even douchebags can change, given they have the strength and opportunity.

  7. gwangung says

    Brown forgets there are people who REMEMBER the civil rights movement because they went through it and participated.

    That’s very characteristic of right wingers these days…they forget that there are still a lot of people who actually lived through the moral movement they claim authority from—and who think they’re all wet.

  8. scienceavenger says

    ” It was a diverse coalition, we had [old] African American [Bible thumpers], [old] Hispanic [Bible thumpers], and [old, Bible thumping] State Sen. Ruben Diaz brought 30 buses [full of old Bible thumpers] from the Bronx; it was just amazing.

    Yes, yes it was.

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