Fischer Demands Theocracy

On a recent show, Bryan Fischer argues that the Bible ought to be the basis for all of our laws, meaning that adultery and pornography should be illegal. And he argues that “you sleep with my wife, you’ve infringed on my liberty, my friend. That’s why adultery ought to be against the law, you’re taking something of incredible value from somebody else.” Because, of course, he owns his wife and she has no will of her own.


  1. Mr Ed says

    I got a nice pile of beach stones ready to go if they want to live (die) by the old testament rules.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Can somebody please show me the chapter & verse wherein the Babble bans “writing/drawing about prostitutes” (literal translation of “pornography”)?

  3. Margaret says

    Pierce R. Butler,

    Exodus 20:4. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

    Of course that outlaws all pictures, not just those of prostitutes. There goes everything from Hollywood to that picture of your grandkid or dog in your wallet. Hmmm. And any picture ID in your wallet too.

  4. says

    Usually the biblical argument against porn is from the sermon on the mount (“lusting in your heart” equated with adultery) – but that doesn’t hold water for us single guys. Since I’m unmarried, lusting in my heart would at best be fornication and it’d be a bad idea to say jesus mis-spoke.

    There are a suspiciously small number of one-eyed christians, by the way. And my hat’s off to Fischer for never lusting in his heart, because, well, “here’s a fork.”

  5. raven says

    They are all hypocrites and cafeteria xians.

    The bible in Deuteronomy is very explicit about what a false prophet is and what to do with them.

    They are to be stoned to death.

    That would be the end of our fundie xian problem. All their leaders would long ago have died under a pile of rocks.

  6. Pierce R. Butler says

    Marcus Ranum @ # 5: … a suspiciously small number of one-eyed christians…

    And even fewer (sfaict) who’ve gotten serious about “the kingdom of heaven’s sake” as specified in Matthew 19:12.

  7. freemage says

    congenital cynic: Thing is, the well-read ones immediately turn to Paul when you break out Leviticus. Paul gives a pass to shellfish and other ‘purity’ regulations, while keeping most of the vice laws in place. You have to target a much smaller set of hypocrisies, such as allowing men with long hair, or women with hats (IIRC) to come to church.

  8. criticaldragon1177 says

    Ed Brayton

    I hope an angry woman comes up to Bryan Fischer, slaps him on the face and points out to him that her husband doesn’t own her either.

  9. dan4 says

    Sounds like Fischer does not understand the difference between “my wife was raped” and “my wife cheated on me.”

  10. drizzt says

    Is he wearing cotton or mixed fabric ? The Bible and some rocks in my backyard want to know…

  11. D. C. Sessions says

    Because, of course, he owns his wife and she has no will of her own.

    That could be a good example of a correct conclusion drawn from invalid reasoning.

  12. skinnercitycyclist says

    I thought it interesting that at the end of the video, one of the “next video” choices offered was “Afghan woman executed for adultery.” Now Fisher’s fans can see how it is done true theocrat style.

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