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Arguments Against Interracial Marriage Identical to Arguments Today

Mediaite offers a list of ten quotations and challenges you to figure out which ones were made against interracial marriage and which were made against same-sex marriage. It’s pretty tough because the arguments are almost word for word the same. To wit, a statement from the ruling in State v Jackson, MO in 1883: Read more

Atheist Discrimination at the Post Office?

A German company that makes shoes for atheists — yeah, I don’t really get the connection either — noticed that a lot of the packages they sent to customers in the United States were getting lost in the mail, so they decided to do a little experiment and found that packages marked with tape that said “atheist” on it were far more likely to get delayed or lost. Read more

Jackson: No Sexual Abuse With Mother and Father

Bishop Harry Jackson, one of the most cravenly bigoted people in the anti-equality movement, delivered a fiery sermon to the small crowd at the rally against marriage equality in DC earlier this week, claiming that in regular mommy-daddy homes, sexual abuse of children does not happen. Read more

JoMo Gets Press Coverage in the UK?

It’s been many years since I’d heard anything about Joseph Mastropaolo, an annoying young earth creationist troll who shows up on blogs promoting science, demands that you debate him and then declares you a “debate dodger” (he used to keep a list online) if you don’t. I can’t imagine why the Guardian decided to give him this attention. Read more

Perkins: ‘Revolution’ if Court Backs Marriage Equality

The dire predictions from the wingnuts should the Supreme Court allow gay people to get married continue to pour in, though I suspect Tony Perkins thinks it would be a good thing if the revolution he says will occur actually happens. He went on — where else? — the Janet Mefferd show and spouted this: Read more