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Stay Classy, South Carolina GOP

If there’s one thing every right winger wants you to know, it’s that they support the troops. Love the troops. Get weepy-eyed at the mere thought of those heroes in uniform. Unless one of them becomes anti-war. Then former South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Todd Kincannon hopes that “the enemy splatters his brains JFK-style.” All these tweets were from Kincannon about Mike Prysner, an Iraq war vet and now an anti-war activist:

@MikePrysner You are an Iraq veteran? Shame you didn’t come home in a body bag…

Go read what the asshole wrote. I wish the Iraqis had better aim with his ass…

@lrindl Yes, I hope if that guy is ever in combat again, the enemy splatters his brains JFK-style. He deserves it.

This guy is a lawyer (former chief counsel for the SC GOP as well as its past chairman and a former member of the Republican National Committee) and political consultant, for crying out loud. And you look at his Twitter feed and it’s just a cesspool of racism, misogyny and pretty much every other form of bigotry you can imagine. Just a few examples:

@ikev85 Why don’t you hippie cocksuckers go have a drum circle in Pakistan where they’ll cut your fucking heads off. I’ll pay your airfare.

@jmedoom Go jerk off to Star Trek IV while I eat some dolphin-seasoned tuna. And tell your mom to shave for me next time. This ain’t 1970.

I hope your mom uses less teeth next time. My dick looks like somebody drew on it with a red marker.

@/Partisangirl Go suck some American dick, sweetheart. Unlike your terrorist friends, we bathe and don’t taste like goat vag.

@sholovenow Your name is Sholanda. I rest my case.

@outandabout12 Funny thing. The boss of the office and department I work for is me. So go suck a boatload of Chinaman dicks, twat.

Go waller around in a bag of dicks with your mouth open.

If you need something to measure 9 inches, holler. RT @Jimi971 7-12inches of snow tonight? Spring!

Remember folks, TV’s first interracial couple was Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo. Not Kirk and Uhura. #MiscegenationNation

But Ricky was a Red Island Mexican. RT @gracels Actually both Arnaz and Ball were white. So not interracial couple. But you knew that.

I can’t watch Octopussy without being reminded of that goddamn foreign hoor who had octuplets.

Then go fuck a horse in Tijuana or something. RT @JerryRivers78 OK cocksucker I’m a Mexican

@JerryRivers78 Go tell your dad to stop sucking off British sailors for a nickel a pop and we’ll talk.

@taktics520 “Pretty sure”? Son, you gonna burn in Hell and you know it. Time to repent.

Good, cunt. RT @AmandaBynes If I’m not following you on twitter, I hate you

Pope Frank the Mexican is a Mexican. RT @gracels @djwolf76 @toddkincannon Ok, what race is Pope Francis?

I didn’t realize state Republican parties were run by 12 year olds.


  1. janiceclanfield says

    Really? I mean, really?

    Jesus, you guys are just so screwed.

    Unfortunately, the idiot virus has crossed the border and is infecting the Tories in Ottawa.


  2. hexidecima says

    what a pathetic little twit. of course, this man never actually served in the armed forces. He’s too much of a coward and whiner. However, he is a most excellent representative of the GOP.

  3. tiredofusernamerules says

    The website shows that his “firm” consists of only him, yet he keeps referring to “we”. Strange man. I wonder if South Carolina Bar rules prohibit his behavior? Probably protected by 1st Amendment, but sometimes there are rules about bringing the Bar into disrepute.

  4. azportsider says

    “I didn’t realize state Republican parties were run by 12 year olds.” You didn’t, Ed? You need to get out more. The whole rethuglican party is run by children.

  5. Phillip IV says

    @/Partisangirl Go suck some American dick, sweetheart. Unlike your terrorist friends, we bathe and don’t taste like goat vag.

    Well, if you absolutely want to say something positive about the guy, you could laud his honesty in admitting that his experience apparently allows him to compare the taste of those two things.

  6. raven says

    Oregon professor fired for bizarre tirade, allegedly threatening …
    www. foxnews. com/…/university-oregon-teacher-fired-after…
    by perry chiaramonte – in 25 Google+ circles

    Mar 18, 2013 – A law teacher with the University of Oregon got a life lesson from the school … Adjunct Law Professor James Olmstead (left) was fired from the University … he confronted students from a pro-immigration organization during a …

    If your religion is based on hate, that is what you get.

    It’s pretty routine and I’ve gotten a lot of it from the christofascists.

    A week and half ago, a law professor at University of Oregon confronted a small group of pro-immigration protesters and started ranting and raving at them, getting violent towards them, and then trying to grab someone’s cell phone.

    Beiing an idiot, Olmsted apparently hadn’t been paying attention for the last 30 years. Cameras and video cameras have gotten real small and real cheap. He was caught on tape. The University promptly banned him from campus and he ended up with some charges against him.

    The christofascists aren’t smart. A lot of the time, the law, police, courts, and prisons are on our side, not theirs.

  7. raven says

    All these tweets were from Kincannon about Mike Prysner, an Iraq war vet and now an anti-war activist:

    I don’t see the big deal.

    The majority of Americans by 53% to 42% think the Iraq war was a mistake.

    And South Carolina is part of the Confederacy. The ones who often threaten to secede whenever we elect commie, atheist, Moslem presidents or try to broaden health care coverage for the uninsured.

    A lot of fundie xians openly hate the USA and will destroy it if they can, the xian Dominionists.

    I guess their operating principle is to never let one hate get in the way of another.

  8. says

    Pope Frank the Mexican is a Mexican. RT @gracels @djwolf76 @toddkincannon Ok, what race is Pope Francis?

    On top of everything else, he thinks everyone from South America is a Mexican.

  9. says

    “I didn’t realize state Republican parties were run by 12 year olds.”

    Well, it’s same level of maturity sisplayed daily on shows like Fox and Friends and The Five.

  10. says

    One needn’t go that far down the food chain to find childish behavior. One need look no further than Billo the Clown, who, when he can’t shout down a guest wiping the floor with him, shuts down his microphone. And also who, when he pulls a statistic out of his ass to prove his point, insists he’s right and then when proven wrong just memory holes the entire thing.
    But in terms of emotional maturity even he is much more highly advanced than Hannity.

  11. a miasma of incandescent plasma says

    I hear he wouldn’t be so nasty if he had to use his real name.

    O.o ummm… wait a tick…

  12. leni says

    I just made the mistake of clicking on is his twitter feed.

    Todd Kincannon ‏@ToddKincannon 13h
    .@mckaycoppins I frequently suggest we do more outreach to brown people and assorted types of Mexicans and Chinamen but nobody listens.

    Charming. And they were surprised they lost the last election?

    It’s not that I want people to be stupid and cruel, but watching this asshole self-destruct really kinda fills my black heart with joy.

  13. laurentweppe says

    For the upper-class: soldiers (and cops) have always been like guard dogs: useful animals who need to get wacked on the nose if they do not comply fast enough with orders.

    Decadence comes when the elites become incapable of hiding the contempt they feel toward their own servants.

  14. says

    JUMPIN’ JESUS in a gold lame thong; it’s worser than I thoughted. That link I put in there is from a CONSERVATIVE webpage. Holy shit, they do eat their wounded!!

  15. says

    Reading a little more about this asshole, I think he’s angling for a slot on FuckTheNew’sCorpse or maybe Whirled Nuts Daily.

    And Toddy, honey, if somebody was to splatter your brains, JFK style, the mess could be blotted up with a fucking Kleenex.

  16. apatrick0516 says

    I thought I was reading the transcript of an xbox live conversation. Or at least what passes for conversation on xbox live

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