More Catholic Hypocrisy on Excommunication

A virtually unknown filmmaker has written a letter to Bishop Howard J. Hubbard of Albany, New York asking him to excommunicate Gov. Andrew Cuomo because of his support of reproductive rights. Unsurprisingly, the Worldnutdaily is promoting that nonsense:

A faithful Catholic who is a human-rights activist and filmmaker has written a letter to the Catholic bishop in Albany, N.Y., asking him to excommunicate Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his support for abortion, which conflicts with church law.

Jason Jones is president of Movie to Movement, which was created to promote a culture of “life, love and beauty” through production of its own films as well as sharing others.

Jones told WND he felt he needed to act because of his lifelong commitment to the culture of life since, as a teen, he lost a daughter to abortion.

The issue of pro-abortion politicians who claim to be Catholic has arisen several times lately, including when both Vice President Joseph Biden and U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., accepted Catholic communion during their visit to the Vatican for the installation of Pope Francis.

Yeah, I’ll take this “culture of life” seriously when he demands that Republican politicians who support the death penalty and oppose universal access to health care, both of which also violate the church’s teachings, be excommunicated. On Planet Wingnuttia, life begins at conception and ends at birth, after which point you are fodder for political diatribes and little else.


  1. says

    The only “life” those authoritarians value is the non-sentient kind. A Catholic bishop recently said his Church takes abortion more seriously than the killing of a grown woman. Anti-abortion activists are not “pro-life” and never were.

  2. Artor says

    I have to wonder what Jones means by “he lost a daughter to abortion.” Did he knock up his girlfriend, and she got a female fetus aborted? A condom sure would have helped there, as abstinence already failed. Did he have a daughter who died during an abortion? I’m willing to bet it was an illegal one. More reason to make them legal and regulated. Or does he mean that he had a daughter who had an abortion, and he disowned her for it, kicking her out of the family? My money is on this likelihood, as it is par for the course for “pro-family” Xtians. In this case, he didn’t lose a daughter to abortion, he lost her to his own hate & bigotry.
    In short, Jones sounds like a piece of…work. Yeah, I was going to use another word there.

  3. anubisprime says

    A faithful Catholic who is a human-rights activist

    err..!,,,damn there goes my recently reinstalled up graded irony meter…again…!

    I swear by the hairs on Beelzebub’s danglies I am gonna send Franny a bill for the continual damage from his cult…I guess there is no technology available in this epoch that can extend the working life of ya average irony meter in the presence of …katolik’…

  4. baal says

    The intertubes suggest Jason Jones claims to be a former atheist and he’s done some amount of high profile front man / PR work for the pro-life industry. As a teenager (17 ish) his girl friend became pregnant (shocking, I know) and the girl’s father pushed for her to have an abortion, which she did. Jason now (who knows how he felt back then) calls that the loss of his daughter.

    U.S. Catholic Bishops council is working hand in hand (body part in body part?) with the Republicans these days and excommunication is little more than a political tool. So much for keeping their eyes on the promised land and service to god.

  5. Trebuchet says

    According to Wikipedia, six current justices of the Supreme Court are Catholic. I’m waiting for the calls for their excommunication if DOMA is overturned. At least those who vote to overturn it.

    Interestingly, Wikipedia also says the three remaining justices are Jewish. That means there are no Protestants on the court at all!

  6. slc1 says

    Re Trebuchet

    They have yet to excommunicate Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley for supporting both reproductive choice and same sex marriage.

  7. says


    And Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, the entire Kennedy family, Governor Quinn of Illinois, almost every member of the Chicago City Council, 95% of all Catholics, almost every nun, and most priests, though being a holocaust denier could gain consideration for lifting of the excommunication.

  8. dmcclean says

    …since, as a teen, he lost a daughter to abortion

    I don’t think “lost a daughter to abortion” means the same thing on my planet that it does on his.

  9. dmcclean says

    Oh, wait, my reading is based on the assumption that “as a teen” modifies Jones as the commas would indicate. If it was intended to modify a daughter and just written in a strange way then the meanings would be the same on both planets.

  10. raven says

    since, as a teen, he lost a daughter to abortion

    Oh c’mon people.

    It’s probably a lie. The forced birthers and female slavers always lie about everything. That is all they have.

    How does he know it was a female? Was he in the clinic for a late term abortion with a high school girl? Most abortions are early term and you can’t tell without a DNA or chromosome test.

  11. abb3w says

    Jones will have a much better shot with whoever is the next Archbishop of Albany, after Bishop Hubbard retires shortly. Right now, I think he’s tilting at windmills, to put it mildly. It’s possible Bishop Hubbard has gotten more conservative with time, but my vague recollection from my youth was that he was a very liberal sort of post-Vat2 Catholic — almost certainly one reason he’s never moved up the hierarchy since he was promoted to bishop in the late 1970s.

  12. says

    A faithful Catholic who is a human-rights activist…

    How does he feel about Liberation Theology?

    …his girl friend became pregnant … and the girl’s father pushed for her to have an abortion, which she did. Jason now (who knows how he felt back then) calls that the loss of his daughter.

    In other words, he considered what he put into someone else’s body HIS property (not the someone else’s or her legal guardian’s), and he now wants a law to keep anyone else from “taking” “his” property away from him. That’s the Cultur-a-Lahf in a “nut” “shell.”

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