Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Trump vs Malkin

Who do you root for in a battle between Donald Trump and Michelle Malkin? You just root for more. Donald Trump decided to attack Malkin on Twitter, for some reason I’ve not discerned, and the backlash was fast and furious. Here’s what he said about Malkin:

@MichelleMalkin would be nothing without being on the @seanhannity show. I don’t see what Sean sees in her—loser!

I think it’s perfectly obvious what Hannity sees in Malkin: Himself. He sees a mediocre hack without a shred of intellectual honesty willing to say the most inane things as long as it serves their partisan agenda. That she is a woman and a racial minority just makes it all the better. But I did like Mitch Fatel’s response:

@realDonaldTrump @michellemalkin @seanhannity I think he sees a strong woman who won’t sleep with an old rich guy. Frightening huh?

To Trump, that is indeed the most frightening thing. Someone named Krystal put her simpleminded tribalism on display:

@realdonaldtrump umm, what now? Why the hateful lib rhetoric? @michellemalkin rocks!

Yes, if you say something bad about any conservative, that must be “lib rhetoric.” Never mind that it has nothing to do with policy or ideology at all, there are only two sides and if you attack her hero you must be on the other side. Bill Moody said, “Attacks like this say more about the attacker than anything that is said. Unfortunate.” I wonder if that reasoning applies to Malkin when she says similarly critical things about the people Moody disagrees with? Somehow I doubt it. Then there’s Rachel Tutor:

Seriously! I like @realDonaldTrump, but not if he attacks Patriots like @michellemalkin

Love the random capitalization of “Patriot.” Very wingnutty. And then there’s Michelle Malkin herself, who actually makes a very good point:

@realDonaldTrump @seanhannity I’ve worked my ass off my whole life. Unlike you, I never abused govt power to steal private property.

None of that makes Malkin not a mediocre hack, but the attack does hit the target. Trump has indeed used eminent domain to make boatloads of money by stealing property. Eileen Hart has it all figured out:

He’s jealous of her because we trust her word over his.

Can’t imagine why you’d trust either one of them. But keep those cards and letters coming!


  1. says

    Michelle Malkin would be nothing without being on the Sean Hannity show.

    Well, yeah…most of us would be nothing without a job.

    Some of us are still nothing, with jobs. :-)

    What’s his point, again?

  2. says

    Malkin could also have noted that Trump’s father was a successful real estate developer, who Donald worked for in his early business days. He wasn’t some poor working class stiff who made his way to the top only through his own hard work.

  3. says

    Well yeah, Malkin’s word is more trustworthy than Trump’s. They’re both bigoted attention-whoring liars with no sense of personal responsibility, but Malkin has been successful at her “work,” while Trump has been largely a failure at his. As stoopid as Malkin is, you can’t pretend to talk down to her after failing to make a CASINO profitable.

    Malkin is what she pretends to be, Trump isn’t.

  4. marcus says

    Good points all. +1 to Raging Bee
    Malkin’s certainly earned my disdain and disgust. Anyone who defends the Japanese internment camps (as a “reasonable” sacrifice) to the point of being willing to deny the survivors even the most paltry of reparations is beyond despicable.

  5. Taz says

    Donald Trump decided to attack Malkin on Twitter, for some reason I’ve not discerned

    Publicity – that’s all he really cares about. Keep the Trump brand name front and center.

  6. doublereed says

    When I see capitalized “Patriot” I think of the anti-government Patriot Movement, involving people like Alex Jones. But I doubt that’s what the tweet was referring to…

  7. says

    Trump attacked her because she labeled him a “conservafraud.”

    While Malkin remains a Fox News personality, she failed in what was likely her hoped for next career goal, landing her own program on Fox. I think Fox tried to groom her by letting her sub for Bill O’Reilly a few times, but she sucked at it. It’s one thing to play the sneering conservative hatemonger she is in small doses, but I don’t think even Fox viewers wanted to be subjected to an hour of it.

  8. cottonnero says

    #6 doublereed: When I see capitalized Patriot, I think Tom Brady or Vince Wilfork.

  9. says

    While Malkin remains a Fox News personality, she failed in what was likely her hoped for next career goal, landing her own program on Fox.

    Yeah, she and Ann Coulter kinda got displaced by Sarah Palin in the prettier-face-of-fascism niche.

  10. zmidponk says

    I find Trump a really ridiculous, odious little man who thinks he’s big because he’s rich. The latest thing is his utter hypocrisy. He built a golf resort in Scotland, destroying a very beautiful Special Site of Scientific Interest in the process, and built huge piles of earth and thick walls of trees around the houses of the people beside his resort. He’s now trying to get the Scottish government to rescind the permission they’ve given for an offshore windfarm by threatening to not build the ‘world-class hotel’ he was going to build and bringing a lawsuit that would ‘definitely be the destruction of Aberdeen and Scotland itself’ because it would spoil his view:

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