NOM’s Marriage March a Bust

The National Organization for Marriage’s “historic” march against equality on Tuesday, timed to coincide with the oral arguments, was a big bust. Even their own estimate was that 15,000 people showed up and that’s almost certainly inflated. Which means they had fewer people there for that “historic” event than we have readers on this network every single day. But those who did show up got some rare treats, like a gay Tea Party activist telling them that gay marriage will “undefine children.”


  1. jnorris says

    Naturally the turnout was poor, what would you expect? The wives couldn’t come without the husband/owner’s permission. The husband/owners couldn’t come and leave the wives unsupervised. And both had to stay home in case the Mexican/Chinese Horde attacked. Or something.

  2. flybywire says

    Wait, i thought i could only undefine in my code. Let’s give it a try:

    undef bigotry;

    Damn, didn’t work.

  3. justsomeguy says

    Sure, it *looks* like they didn’t have a big crowd, but remember: One man, with god on his side, is a majority.

  4. Emptyell says

    Come on y’all. First they undefine marriage. Then they move on to other words until we don’t know what the meaning of “is” is.

  5. raven says

    like a gay Tea Party activist telling them that gay marriage will “undefine children.”

    This is undefined. It’s meaningless.

    How will children be “undefined”?

    Will they be declared adults at birth and allowed to vote, drink, and drive? Or declared noncitizens and nonhuman and treated like pets?

    Curious minds want to know don’t really care.

    They are always vague because they don’t have anything else.

  6. dshetty says

    like a gay Tea Party activist telling them that gay marriage will “undefine children.”
    Palin will be so proud.

  7. says

    Isn’t “traditional” marriage the one that happily involved children whenever it was economically or politically convenient?

    Last I checked, our modern sense of marriage was based on informed consent, and children are considered uninformed by default. It seems to me that we’re the ones who pushed for recognition of childhood as a factor in informed consent. That’s part of why we’re moving away from “traditional” marriage. Let’s not forget all the child rape and general rape apologia from many of these “traditional” marriage supporters. If anyone’s a threat to children, it’s the traditionalists. If anyone’s forcing unwilling sham marriages, it’s the traditionalists.

  8. laurentweppe says

    In France, the anti-gay loons managed to put 300.000 people in the streets 3 days ago (fun fact: when Sarkozy was president, a majority of conservative voters favored mariage equality, now that the president is a socialist, screwing up his policies has become the priority and the support for marriage equality had fallen to the low 30% Au bal des faux-culs, les droitiers mènent la danse), and… they proudly proclaimed that they were one million and a half, because, well, if you’re going to lie about gay marriage leading to polygamy and child rape, you can also lie about the number of people willing to repeat your lies in public.

  9. martinc says

    The crowd figure is simply explained. They brought along 15 female pigs. Then they told the media: “the crowd consisted of 15 sows and people”.

    The real screw-up was that the guy bringing the other 85 pigs never showed.

  10. John Hinkle says


    Their (not surprising) strategy of trying to pit minorities against homosexuals to divide democratic party votes is really working, eh? What a bunch of losers.

    In any case, I still think their main goal is $$$.

  11. says

    “…Tea Party activist…”

    And they continue, despite all the evidence, to be focused on economic issues…

    “…gay marriage will “undefine children.”

    Can we really take that chance? Kids are already soft and blurred around the edges.
    democommie “‘a gay Tea Party activist’ is as logical as a gay, jewish gypsy nazi with Downs Syndrome.”
    I didn’t even know there was a gay Tea Party!

  12. Stacy says

    Don’t be so disingenuous, ya’ll. You know perfectly well that undefining children is part of the Master Plan. First, socialism. Then, gay marriage. Then, undefine children, leaving the little bastards wandering around in ontological uncertainly. Then we will have won! Mwahahahaha!

  13. briandavis says

    Maybe some of the marchers were Mormons who each represented hundreds or thousands of posthumous protestors.

  14. says

    Demo at 14, very interesting link. It seems to me that they’re forgetting the central, conservative view of how you make dark people do stuff you want them to do: You give them things for free. No mention of free stuff. What could they be thinking?

  15. says

    Dr. X: That’s how LIBERALS get dark-skinned people to do stuff for them. Because liberals are the real racists. Conservatives are pure as the driven snow and use Bible-based techniques like lying and threatening people with eternal torment in imaginiary torture-chambers. And voter purges and gerrymandering…

  16. =8)-DX says

    I’m wondering how many pro-gay-marriage advocates came.
    Sadly for me was looking at reuters where they had a 50-50 split in their photo slideshow, with mostly articstic closeups =(.

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