Geller Takes Out Gay-Themed Anti-Muslim Ads

Pam Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative has taken out ads on buses in San Francisco, to run later this month that include a series of quotes from Muslim leaders about the evils of homosexuality, ostensibly to gain sympathy in the notoriously pro-equality city. Here are those quotes:

“The punishment of homosexuality is the death penalty.”
– Leading Islamic cleric, Sheik Qaradawi, of the Muslim Brotherhood

“Homosexuaity is ugly…In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals like in your country,”

– President Ahmadinejad of Iran, where homosexuality is punishable by death

“If there are two such persons among you, that do this evil, the shameful act what do you have to do? Torture them, punish them, beat them and give them mental torture.”

– Sister Ruby Ramadan, presenter on a Muslim radio station in Britian

The local gay community in the Bay Area is not too happy about this. Geller told the San Francisco Chronicle:

“The ads will increase awareness about the subjugation and oppression of gays under Shariah law,” said Geller. “The gay community should be standing with me, not against me.”

And she’s not entirely wrong here. It’s certainly true that many types of Islam (no, there isn’t a single Islam, there are many different versions) are viciously, violently anti-gay. No one could possibly dispute that, and they should be condemned and opposed often and loudly. But you’ll forgive me for doubting that Geller really gives a damn about the gay community. If she did, she’d be speaking out against her closest political allies for their own bigotry toward gay people and their concerted and endless efforts to enshrine discrimination against them.

And quite frankly, the gay community has far more to fear in this country from anti-gay Christians than anti-gay Muslims. Muslims have zero power in the United States and no plausible path to gain any. Christians, on the other hand, have plenty of power and influence, enough to get 32 states to deny equality to gay couples over the last decade. So while Muslim homophobia may be qualitatively worse, it has little effect on the lives of gay Americans. The same cannot be said of Christian homophobia.


  1. tynk says

    A known homophobe and islamaphobe purchasing ads that will induce distrust between those two groups? Yea, she has benevolent intentions…

  2. says

    The ads will increase awareness about the subjugation and oppression of gays under Shariah law …

    And “Shariah law” (or her caricature of it) has exactly zero chance of being impemented in the US. Geller uses that as a scare tactic to try to take away the rights of American Muslims, who are certainly no more homophobic than Fundamentalist Xians. If she wants to do something about Shariah law, she should go to countries where oppressive Shariah is in force and try to change it there.

  3. anubisprime says

    Actually when it is viewed from her lowly dungeon dimension of dumbfuck…it is exactly what she wishes was the opinion of the courts in the USA.

    This is just green eyed toxic dripping envy…and so enamoured is she with her deepest aspiration that she feels moved to promote the vileness and boast its message to society.

    It has been said that pure evil is a human construct of deeply ignorant and bigoted characters that intellectually only manage to scrape the bottom of the cess pit without the ability to float…seems that madam has achieved the 1st grade concentrated shite, without resorting to her own IQ blip, or getting tangled in her own lethal malevolence.

  4. vmanis1 says

    There are lots of Muslims who are LGBT-supportive, just as there are lots of Christians, Jews, and Buddhists. There are of course lots on the other side too, though many in the latter group will succumb to old age long before the members of the former group. If Geller were honest, her ads would read `Down with theocratic bigots’, thus presenting us with an individual who runs paid ads against herself.

  5. laurentweppe says

    But you’ll forgive me for doubting that Geller really gives a damn about the gay community

    Oh I’m certain she loves the gay community: she married into ot after all.

  6. laurentweppe says

    @7 My bad: I confused her with Bachmann: I mean: One is an insane dishonest racist whith a blog, the other is an insane dishonest racist who happens to be an elected official: it’s not that hard to mix the two once in a while.

  7. says

    When Muslims persecute gays, it’s barbaric. But when Christians or (in Geller’s case) Jews persecute gays, it’s because god told them to.

    See the difference?

  8. says

    It kinda looks like this ad campaign is meant to inspire hatred of both gays and Muslims at the same time. And to spread Gellar’s own hatred in such a way as to let womeone else get blamed for it. And if I was in charge of the bus company, I’d probably refuse to let public buses be used as a platform for such divisive and hostile messages.

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