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Work on my book, By Their Love: Violence in Defense of Christian Hegemony, is moving right along. I’m hoping to have it fully published by early summer and then commence a speaking tour to promote the book and talk about some of the things that are in it. And that’s where you all come in. If you’re involved with a local atheist, humanist or secular group and you think they might be interested in having me come speak in late summer and fall, please tell me who they are in the comments. Or email me with the information and the name and contact information for the person I would talk to. Thanks!


  1. says

    I’ve already talked to Jim Underdown at CFI-LA and we’re going to work on putting together a tour speaking to several of the groups in the area. If you talk to Sean, tell him I said hi. I’m still bummed that we were both at Skepticon and I didn’t get a chance to talk to him or Jennifer at all. We had a great time speaking together at Netroots Nation a few years ago (which ended up on C-SPAN). Thanks!

  2. coragyps says

    Skip Scurry County, Texas, Ed. I’m the onliest one here you could count on to show up.

    Austin would likely get some response, though. Hell, I would drive down just to shake your hand!

  3. Donnie says

    I recommend doing “Politics and Prose” a nice little independent book store in the NW section of DC. I know that James Randi spoke there a few years ago. I am not involved in the atheist circles in DC, but I will volunteer to find the contact name and number – if you do not have someting worked out with CFI DC.

  4. fastlane says

    I’m not really involved in any of the local groups, but please post your schedule. If you land anywhere in the PNW, I’ll show.

  5. AsqJames says


    Without knowing the tenor of the book I don’t know if this would be possible/appropriate, but are you also considering contacting moderate Christian groups you might speak to? I’m just wondering because I think if you can get over to them the real facts behind these things, and the very real damage the all too common angry response causes, you may be able to help prevent/lessen such damage in future.

    You’ll probably not get as many book sales though, so even if you can get them to listen it might not be possible for you financially.

    Good luck with the book and the tour anyway.

  6. slc1 says

    Re Donnie

    Richard Dawkins also spoke at Politics and Prose hawking one of his books several years ago.

  7. says

    If you don’t mind heading a bit north of the border I’m sure the CFI folks here in Calgary would love for you to come out and speak.

  8. Nibi says

    It would be nice if one of your talks could be featured on BookTV (CSPAN-2). This is how I heard about the The God Delusion – from a Dawkin’s talk at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, VA filmed by BookTV.

  9. says

    It would be nice if one of your talks could be featured on BookTV (CSPAN-2).

    You think? After all, if they can give the worthless Ben Shapiro free publicity to talk about how conservatives are being silenced in this country, they should give Ed some air time too.

    I know CFI has a Long Island chapter that has monthly meetings at the Plainview public library just a couple of miles from my house. It would be great if you could add that to your itinerary, Ed.

  10. Stacy says

    If you talk to Sean, tell him I said hi.

    Will do. Look forward to meeting you when you come out here!

  11. Randomfactor says

    If you want to help us start a riot, travel a bit north from your LA visit and we’ll host you here in Bakersfield.

  12. cgilder says

    I would even get a babysitter to come see you in Austin. I can’t speak to the BBQ, I’ve been vegan for most of the 9 years I’ve lived here, but there are some kickass food trailers for after-talk yakking. Mmmmm Arlo’s.

  13. says

    It doesn’t take BBQ to get me to come to Austin, but that’s a nice side benefit. When I spoke there in 2008, I hit a bunch of different BBQ restaurants, including Stubbs and the Iron Works. But I didn’t get to go to Franklin or the Salt Lick, which are widely thought to be the best in the area.

  14. Ben P says

    I’d try to make it if you were to stop in Memphis or pretty much any place there’d be an audience in Arkansas. (which would basically be Little Rock or one of the college towns, Fayetteville or Conway). Little Rock has a fairly active freethinkers club although I don’t know anyone there particularly well.

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