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Nixon’s Bribe to Bork

A new memoir from Robert Bork is being published posthumously and it includes a story that certainly rings true, though it’s a good thing it never came true. Bork says that Richard Nixon offered him a spot on the Supreme Court if he fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox (which he did). Read more

Land Gives Perkins His Namesake Award

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council proudly received the 2012 Richard Land Distinguished Service Award from Land himself this past weekend. The award is given by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. Read more

School Shootings are Nothing New

This is about a month and a half old now but I missed it completely when it came out. Jack Schneider, an education professor from Holy Cross, wrote in the Christian Science Monitor about the long history of school shootings in the United States: Read more

Hey Look! Another Barton Lie!

There’s an old line about people who lie habitually to the effect that they would rather cross the street to tell a lie than stand still and tell the truth. This applies quite well to David Barton, who I doubt could write a grocery list without somehow distorting things. Right Wing Watch quotes from a recent talk he gave at a church, talking about the Supreme Court’s ruling in Abington Township v Schempp: Read more

Robertson: Pray Away Demons From Secondhand Clothes

Pat Robertson, responding to a question from a viewer, said recently that it’s a good idea to pray over any items you buy secondhand, like clothes, because demons may have attached themselves to them and it’s important to “rebuke any spirits that happened to have attached themselves to those clothes.” Read more