Miami Prosecutor Fired for Abusing Badge

A prosecutor in Miami — the same prosecutor that tried and failed to convict Carlos Miller for flagrantly committing journalism while covering an Occupy protest — has been fired for flashing his badge at a strip club to get out of paying too much for his lapdances.

Ari Pregen picked the wrong strip club to throw his weight around. On January 26, the Miami-Dade assistant state attorney gained free admission for himself and two pals into downtown Miami’s Goldrush by flashing his work badge at the titty bar’s executive manager Jeff Levy. A few hours later, Pregen again whipped out his law enforcement credentials so he wouldn’t have to pay a 15 percent credit card surcharge on lap dances he purchased.

Seven days later, Pregen pulled the same stunt, according to a complaint Levy filed with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. When his bosses confronted him about his douchetastic behavior, Pregen twice denied abusing his badge despite video evidence to the contrary. Naturally, the rookie prosecutor (hired in May 2012) got canned from his $40,000 a year job on February 8.

This is the second assistant prosecutor to be fired for corruption after trying, and failing, to convict Miller for videotaping the police doing their jobs.


  1. Shawn Smith says

    Perhaps, but who says the cops are being this “douchetastic”? It’s not like Mr. Pregen is going to be advising them on which cases are going to go to trial any more.

  2. Didaktylos says

    @#1 – the subtle way to get that done is they don’t have direct cop problems – the cops just arrive late when called to deal with customers that are too rowdy for the bouncers to handle

  3. says

    It’s a setup. He wouldn’t do that. You’ve got to be a pretty classy guy to spend the kind of money at a strip club that justifies the use of a credit card.

  4. says

    @#1 – the subtle way to get that done is they don’t have direct cop problems

    I have a friend who got rich during the dot-com boom and finally fulfilled his childhood dream of buying a strip club. He pretty quickly found out that cops expected free booze, lap dances, and to grope the dancers, or they’d just sit in the parking lot in their squad car on a friday night around 9:00pm with the lights on. Potential customers tend to drive right by and go to the next club down the road when they see a cop car.

  5. Ben P says

    Prosecutors get badges?

    It looks a little diffferent from an officer’s badge, but yeah, most do. In a lot of states they’re also entitled to the concealed carry privleges that police officers are.

    Too bad he was not fired for abusing his power in trying to prosecute shoddy cases.

    The only problem with this is that I can virtually guarantee you that given his place on the totem pole, he had virtually no discretion as to what cases he was prosecuting and not prosecuting. In a city the size of Miami I’d bet he would be one of 100+ state’s attorneys. He likely answered to a section/office supervisor, that answered to a division supervisor that may have answered to “the DA.”

  6. sezme says

    $40K/yr for an assistant state attorney? Man, that’s low. I gotta think the quality of the people that take the job must be pretty low as well.

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