God’s Version of the Aristocrats Joke

This is genius. Someone has put together a version of the Aristocrats joke using things done in the Bible. If you don’t know what the Aristocrats joke is, here’s Gilbert Gottfried’s version of it, taken from the Hugh Hefner roast (this didn’t make the TV show, of course).

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  1. Reverend PJ:

    That was interesting

  2. democommie:

    I just hope that if they have to choose one to air, that they opt for the ex-AFLACduck flack’s version. There might be impressionable young children listening and the Wholly Babble is porn cubed.

  3. Joey Maloney:

    It needs annotation. I don’t recognize the source of most of the appalling acts described.

  4. Michael Heath:

    This joke requires cites to the referenced biblical passages.

  5. Lucas Black:

    There is now a basic reference at the bottom of the blog.

    It links to a site that contains lists of murders, rapes, stonings etc from the Bible. It’s then easy to x-ref to the actual bible & verify the whole lot.

  6. janiceintoronto:

    Oh! That man said a bad word!

  7. WMDKitty -- feeling so very small:


  8. Marcus Ranum:

    I found his obsession with sweat to be bordering on offensive.

  9. David C Brayton:

    That could really use a NSFW warning.

  10. pHred:

    It’s Gilbert Gottfried – at a roast – you can pretty much skip the FW and go straight to Not Safe in general. Good grief – he could use his voice to peel paint just reading the phone book !

  11. WMDKitty -- feeling so very small:

    Uh, David, it’s the Aristocrats joke. What were you expecting, puppies and sunshine?

  12. Stevarious, Public Health Problem:

    Hey, don’t bash poor David for not knowing in advance. He’s one of Today’s Lucky Ten Thousand, learning something new that everyone already knew.


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