Rubio: Being Senator a Form of Worship

Marco Rubio is quickly learning how to appeal to the religious right base of the Republican Party as he builds toward an inevitable presidential run in 2016. In an interview with David Brody of CBN News, he even said that being a senator is a form of worship.

“You can worship in how you do your job especially if the purpose of your job is to please and honor God not just please and honor your fellow men. Now, I have an obligation to serve my fellow men. I am a public servant and I think in doing that job well I also honor God and glorify Him.”

“I try to view my job as a form of worship in terms of how I dedicate it to God and make Him the purpose of my service.”

Lying, oversimplifying every issue, pandering to the ignorant…yep, sounds like worship to me.


  1. thisisaturingtest says

    It would be one thing if Rubio would acknowledge that “pleas[ing] and honor[ing] God” is properly only a secondary effect of serving in a secular government such as ours (that whole messy “separation of church and state” thing that theocrats only recognize when it comes to keeping their money separate). But “mak[ing] Him the purpose of my service” doesn’t sound like he understands that basic Consititutional precept at all.

  2. raven says

    I haven’t seen much of Rubio but already he comes across as an insincere oppportunist.

    Religiously, his family has been all over the place. Catholic to Mormon back to Catholic and now Rubio is still a Catholic that attends some sort of fundie Protestant church.

    Hard to say what that means but for a politician it probably means cover all the bases. Rubio could run as Catholic, Mormon, Protestant tribrid. Sort of a religious Frankenstein’s monster.

  3. Michael Heath says

    Ed writes:

    Lying, oversimplifying every issue, pandering to the ignorant…yep, sounds like worship to me.

    I can see this meaning two things. One is Ed noting that Sen. Rubio’s ‘worship’ is no way an accurate description of worship; that Rubio is dishonestly and cynically pandering to the base. Another explanation is that Rubio’s ‘worship’ is an actual form of worship, Christianist style. I’m guessing Ed meant the former.

  4. =8)-DX says

    I am a public servant and I think in doing that job well I also honor God and glorify Him.

    If “worship = doing your job well”, I’m all for it. Heck, a politician or president who really took that approach seriously – considering it a moral imperative to do their job well or they’d betray their basic religious principles – well that sounds like what the role of religion in politics should be. But then many of them seem to consider “lying” and “hypocrisy” to be part of their job description, so adding “for god” on the end doesn’t help much.

  5. jameshanley says

    He’s sort of right, but he has the object wrong. Being a senator is a form of worship of the state.

  6. Larry says

    Of course, if you are a drone working for the gubmint in sector 7G, trying to enforce environmental or financial accountability laws, you are a spawn of satan no matter your religious affiliation.

  7. says

    Marco Rubio = Santorum with a hispanic veneer.

    Do you suppose in the list of religions that the Rubios have subscribed to there might be room for Santeria?

    Chicken, it’s not just for dinner.

    “religious Frankenstein’s monster”

    that’s at least doubly redundant.

  8. raven says

    So given a choice between serving god and serving his country we know which way he will go.

    More like; given a choice betweeen serving god, serving his country, and serving Marco Rubio, we know which way he will go.

  9. Stevarious, Public Health Problem says

    Don’t you see his ploy? If serving in office is his religion, then not electing him is violating his 1st amendment rights to free exercise!

    He’s found a clever way to always win every election by technicality.

  10. cottonnero says

    Michael Heath #4: I read it as the other, that Rubio is turning into an excellent example of a Christianist politician, for whom the sacraments are lying, pandering, etc.

    dingojack #9: I get the sense that, despite being an evil hack, Santorum actually believes some portion of what he spouts. I’d argue that Rubio is closer in spirit to Romney; someone who feels he deserves the office and will cheerfully say whatever it is that makes people elect him.

  11. says

    Yep, that’s why senators and representatives are all required to affirm a pledge to protect the Bible and Christendom as well as to conquer Jerusalem and plant the Christian flag there in Jesus’ name.
    Oh, wait. No they don’t

  12. lofgren says

    there are many sects of christianity that hold work, whatever work you are doing, as a sacrament that honors god. the Amish are a well-known example but they are far from the only one.

  13. says

    “there are many sects of christianity that hold work, whatever work you are doing,”

    Fair enough, as far as it goes. Most of us would not call what Rubio and company do, “work”.

  14. shouldbeworking says

    Wasn’t tithe Roman Senate that voted to elevate Caesar to god status? Perhaps Rubio has designs beyond the presidency?

  15. dugglebogey says

    Lying to people as a way to willingly give a tremendous amount of money to a huge organization that will likely squander it?

    He may be onto something…

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