Crampton: Prop 8 Overturn Leads to Societal Collapse

Steve Crampton and Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel ranted incoherently about the Supreme Court’s marriage cases on their Faith and Freedom radio show. The best part was when Crampton claimed that if Prop 8 is overturned, we’ll be “on the verge of total collapse.” You know, like Canada and every other country that allows same-sex marriage. Oh, they’re not collapsing? Hmmm. That must be what that “American exceptionalism” is about.


  1. shouldbeworking says

    Gay marriage, universal health care, gun control….
    No wonder gawd and rethuglicans ignore us.

    We have no oil, please continue to ignore us.

  2. says

    If they didn’t have hyperbole, they wouldn’t have no bole at all.

    For all their talk about how great America is, they certainly seem to think the nation is prone to collapsing from a gentle breeze.

    But they think America was great only because it was run by white male know-nothings like them. That is collapsing. And the gentle breeze causing it has been them ranting and showing themselves to be the bigots that they are, thus turning off more and more Americans, particularly among the young.

  3. says

    For all their talk about how great America is, they certainly seem to think the nation is prone to collapsing from a gentle breeze.

    That comes from living in a constant state of fear of change. That’s how the authoritarian mind works. They need life to work according to a set of very rigid rules which must never change under any circumstances. If the rules ca be changed, that means they they aren’t set in stone for all eternity by an infallible authority figure. It doesn’t matter if the authority figure is Yahweh or a group men in Philadelphia. What matters is that the authority exists to tell what to do and what to think.

  4. baal says

    Hmmmm, let’s weight two options that might lead to societal collapse.
    1) massive wealth transfer from the middle and lower classes to the oligarchs (top 400 families who have 75% of the country’s wealth)
    2) “giving up what marriage really means”* This option includes the notion that marriage is the cornerstone of society but adding more marriages would destroy society.

    *even though it doesn’t (didn’t) mean that. 1:1 M/F nuclear family is a fairly recent idea. Woman were chattel was another model for marriage. So too was the idea of merging of families. The Bible is down right supportive of multiple wives (as is Islam). Aboriginal fascinating anti-inbreeding rules in parts of Australia lead to a very different notion on what a family is. The diversity of marriage models is also covered in some detail in wikipedia (and elsewhere).

  5. jameshanley says

    Dude, Canada has collapsed. It’s nothing but strip clubs and Tim Hortons from sea to shining sea.

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