Cahn Meets Carmen

Jonathan Cahn, the absolutely loony author of The Harbinger, which the Worldnutdaily has been pushing like mad, went on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and did an interview with Carmen, who is dumber than a pot roast, about how he’s working with members of Congress to get God to give us his protection back.

In case you don’t know who Carmen is, pop some popcorn and watch this video. It may be the single lamest song you’ve ever heard.


  1. ArtK says

    It may be the single lamest song you’ve ever heard.

    Obviously, you’ve never spent any amount of time listening (or worse, playing) Christian “praise music.” I agree though that this may well be worse than Lee Greenwood.

    I commented elsewhere that Cahn looks vaguely like Grigori Rasputin. Not someone I want walking the halls of Congress.

  2. eric says

    he’s working with members of Congress to get God to give us his protection back.

    Ah yes, good ‘ol Article 1, Section 11: Congress shall have the power to intercede with God on behalf of nitwits.

  3. says

    I don’t mean to flog a dead horse here, but I don’t believe there was a single legitimate quotation in the bunch in that video. Most of them (though not the Washington “national morality” quotation) are even on David Barton’s “unconfirmed quotations” list.

  4. tbp1 says

    Not a spelling flame, but an FYI, he spells it “Carman.” (I’m speaking as someone whose names, both given and sur-, are often misspelled, so I’m a bit sensitive.)

    You should check out “Carman the Champion,” his Rocky movie ripoff. I don’t think the MST3K every gave it the treatment, but they should have.

  5. Draken says

    @3 You know, protection. See that beautiful statue of Liberty you have there? Marvellous piece of work. But so… fragile, you know. Things can… break… like that. You need protection.

  6. gorgias says

    A few years ago, I remember going to Carmen “concert” in my final days as some sort of believer, and even then I was dragged there by my wife who was dragged there by her mom. It was held in a small auditorium, one that could probably sit 300 people at best. Carmen was an hour and a half late, and he had this condescending look directed at the audience while he was on stage, as if to say “I dragged myself out of my trailer while nursing a hangover to perform for THIS tiny room full of gullible rubes?” When his lame-ass songs failed to elecit more than a token response from those gathered, it’s as if he decided to stop even trying, and he started playing guitar versions of theme songs from popular 50’s and late 60’s sitcoms for the rest of the concert.

    So yeah, considering how much of a Christian Culture bottom-feeder he’d become, it makes sense for him to try ti expand his base in the realm of Wingnutistan.

  7. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne says

    What kind of protection, condoms?

    More like “Nice country you have there. Shame if anything should happen to it.”

  8. andrewlephong says

    Totally not relevant to anything, but Carman in that second video looked a lot like David Copperfield.

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