Boy Scouts Considering Major Rule Change

Wow. Only a few months after the national board of the Boy Scouts of America reiterated its discrimination policy against gay and atheist scouts and troop leaders, and less than a week after forcing one local council to change its policy, now it’s being reported that the board could vote as early as next week to allow local troops and councils autonomy on the matter.
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A Friend Comes Out, In a Manner of Speaking

A few months ago, in the wake of Todd Akin’s disgusting statements, I published an essay written by a friend about rape, abortion and difficult choices. Her name was not revealed, at her request, but I thought the message was important and needed to be put out there. She has now decided to go public with more of her story, and with her name attached to it.

This whole thing may seem odd, but there’s a reason for her to “come out” about it now. But let me just say this: Sophie is really an extraordinary person. I’ve known her for more than a decade and her story is both incredible and inspiring. She works tirelessly as an activist, educator and counselor to so many people and in so many ways. She is that rare person who has both extraordinary intellect and extraordinary empathy and understanding. And she’s taking a pretty scary step here, one that takes some courage. I applaud her for it.

Georgia Legislator Repeats Barton Nonsense

Georgia state Sen. Barry Loudermilk went on TBN and repeated David Barton’s ridiculous lie that the founding fathers based the entire American government on the Bible. The three branches of government, he says, comes from Isiah 33:22, which says the exact opposite, “the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our ruler, the Lord is our king.” That’s not three branches of government, it’s one person holding all power, the opposite of what the constitution requires. Worse yet he claims:
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Jackson: God is ‘Taking Out’ Fake Christians After Election

As Right Wing Watch notes, Bishop Harry Jackson before the election predicted that Obama would lose because “black and Hispanic Christians will put Romney ahead.” Oops. Obama received the overwhelming support of black and Hispanic voters. So now he has a new explanation: God is going to “take out” those Christians who are part of the “false church” as a result of the election.
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Igwe on ‘Witch’ Killings in Africa

Leo Igwe, who has done more to expose and publicize the brutal attacks on child “witches” in Africa over the last few years than anyone else, has an article on the James Randi Educational Foundation website about this horrible practice and what fuels it. Speaking first about an orphanage that cares for 32 of the child victims, he writes:
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Bolger Open to Election Rigging Scheme

Rep. Jase Bolger is the speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives and he is about equal parts ruthlessly partisan and unethical. And while some other Republican legislators have spoken out against an election rigging scheme being considered in several states, including Michigan, he’s making terrible arguments in its favor:
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Christian Pastor Sentenced in Iran

Iran has sentenced Iranian-American Christian minister Saeed Abedini to eight years in prison, prompting the U.S. State Department to issue a strong condemnation of that action. Abedini was born in Iran and converted from Islam to Christianity, then came to the U.S. and became an American citizen. He has gone back to Iran many times to evangelize and to build an orphanage, but was arrested last year on his last visit.
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Enyart Settles Trademark Infringement Suit With NPR

Bob Enyart, who is a true wingnut’s wingnut, has settled a trademark infringement suit filed by NPR over the name of his radio show. Enyart called his show Real Science Friday and NPR sued him for infringing on their trademark for the Science Friday show. He’s now renamed his show Real Science Radio to settle the case.
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