Unintentional Comedy Gold in Vegas

My friend Juliet is in Las Vegas covering the Adult Video News awards and trying out as many terrible motels as she can find (she owns the site Murder Motels and generally revels in the seedy side of things). So she and her friend go into a bar where a singer/guitar player is performing and, well, I’ll let her tell the story:

One minute, you’re listening to a sad singer/songwriter, disheartened because the crowd would rather here “Don’t Stop Believing” than his original composition. I mean, even at the end of the night, some slapdick was pulling money out of his tip jar yelling at him to just play the goddamn Journey.

To make things even weirder, Dennis Rodman walks in, sits down next to them, hits on them and then goes up on stage to fuck up the guy’s act, make a spectacle of himself and put on one of the most horrifying — in an “I can’t stop watching this train wreck” kind of way — display of unintentional comedy you’ve ever seen. Or as she puts it, he “leads us all in a bizarre medley… starting with Pearl Jam, to commemorate the fact that even he is incredulous about the fact that he is still alive.” Here’s the video:


  1. No One says

    I can’t stand vertical video. I don’t like sports. Dislike drunk people. I like good music. Nothing to hold my attention.

  2. jnorris says

    Dennis Rodman is a footnote and trivia question from Men In Black (1997), the first of the series. His name is used in the very last joke of the movie.

  3. atheist says

    Actually, from the video it kinda seems like Rodman felt sorry for the guy and wanted to liven up his act. Or, maybe Dennis Rodman is just a huge ham.

  4. says

    As a Michigander, I’d like to point out that Rodman was a great player with the Pistons long before he was with the Bulls. The Pistons drafted him and he turned into a hall of fame player for them and helped them win two championships. Now he’s evidently broke and mostly drunk and pathetic.

  5. dingojack says

    Ed – you seem to have some kind of ‘bizarro’ definition of ‘comedy’. To me, this is like watching someone you once knew lose themselves in the fog of Alzheimer’s, or to crack cocaine or heroin.
    Not comedy but tragedy.

  6. caseloweraz says

    Beside the fact that he was a great basketball player, all I know about Dennis Rodman is that he was married to Carmen Electra for (I think) about 30 minutes.

    And this is memorable because… I dunno.

  7. slc1 says

    Re Ed Brayton @ #8

    Somehow I think that Joe Dumars and Isiah Thomas had more to do with Detroit’s NBA championships then did Dennis Rodman.

  8. zekehoskin says

    I’m a songwriter. Stealing from the tip jar is stealing. Where were the bouncers? Why does this thief still walk the country free? Are the jails too full of dope smokers? If drunkenness does not excuse rape – and it sure hell doesn’t – then it doesn’t excuse theft.

  9. kosk11348 says

    Rodman was on one season of Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab for treatment for alcoholism. Except Dennis refused to admit that he actually has a drinking problem. He said he just likes to party. He was also once married to Carmen Electra.

  10. atheist says

    @Ed Brayton – January 20, 2013 at 10:56 am (UTC -5)

    As a Michigander, I’d like to point out that Rodman was a great player with the Pistons long before he was with the Bulls.

    Thanks for explaining that, I only knew him from the Bulls.

  11. scienceavenger says

    Who cares about the tip jar, where were the bouncers to get rid of the guy who wanted to hear Journey?

    As for Rodman, he was a serious contributor to the Pistons’ titles, and I say this as a Celtic fan who loathed every minute of them.

  12. stace says

    He’s also the guy who said, after the Celtics knocked the Pistons out of the playoffs on a Larry Bird steal/Dennis Johnson layup, that if Larry Bird were black, he’d be just another player. Lovely fellow.

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