Rush: Obama Murdered Ratliff

You may have heard about Keith Ratliff, who made pro-gun videos on Youtube, being found dead at his home in Georgia after being shot. Erik Rush heard about it and, naturally, he thinks the Obama administration murdered him. With no evidence whatsoever, of course.

On January 3, Keith Ratliff, a 32 year-old firearms enthusiast, was found fatally shot in the head in his Carnesville, Georgia home. Police are investigating the case as a homicide. Ratliff’s YouTube channel for fellow firearm enthusiasts was ranked as one of the top 10 channels on YouTube, with 3.4 million subscribers and more than 537 million views.

Although I have no proof, my inclination is to suspect that the Obama administration or one of its surrogates is responsible for Ratliff’s death, the first of many such executions that will take place in order to silence individuals whom the government deems a threat to their oligarchical collectivist agenda.

There; I’ve said it.

Yes, you did. Now if you could just provide evidence to support it, we might take you seriously. Gut feelings don’t count.


  1. says

    Far more likely, it was a fellow gun-nut who saw the videos and figured, “Hey, here is a guy with a lot of unregistered — and therefore untraceable — gun just lying around his house.” He broke in, found Ratliff at home, and….

  2. frankb says

    I don’t understand. He was a gun owner. Everyone knew he owned guns, Yet he was killed in his own home. How can this be? I keep hearing how owning guns keeps you safe.

    Oh right. That’s a myth.

  3. says


    It’s my gut feeling that maybe Eric Rush did the deed. I’m just asking questions.

    This is really weird. I have exactly the same gut feeling.

  4. says

    You’d think Wayne LaPierre would be a rather higher priority target than some guy posting videos on Youtube. Or the head of some gun company that actually sells in large quantities.

  5. Randomfactor says

    And if Eric Rush should mysteriously die after blowing the lid off the conspiracy, that would prove his theory. Or if he DIDN’T die, THAT would prove his theory, since Obama was afraid of proving his theory.

    But count me in with the “gut feeling.” Which probably also proves his theory.

  6. says

    I don’t think his goal is to be taken seriously, that is, I doubt his goal is an official (or even an unofficial) investigation into these suspicions. His goal is just to fuel fear of Obama, and “collectivists” in general.

  7. Abby Normal says

    Who needs evidence when one can just make up whatever story best confirms one’s biases.

  8. says

    fifthdentist, I want to meet the kind of person who both knows enough about technology to use a computer and upload a video to Youtube and who knows so little that they record the video off the TV with a camcorder.

  9. steve oberski says


    It’s possible that someone else recorded the video off the TV with a camcorder and uploaded it to youtube.

  10. unbound says

    Even his wife and brother think that he must have been killed by someone he knew since he apparently didn’t attempt to defend himself with a gun.

    Maybe he was close personal friends with Obama who came in and took him out personally. Given time, I’m sure I can come up with some nifty conspiracy theories too.

  11. cry4turtles says

    Can the prez press “defamation of character” charges? You can’t just say anything about the prez, can you? Even accuse him of premeditated murder? Where does free speech stand on this one?

  12. says

    steve oberski, in Fifthdentist’s defense, I wasn’t accusing Fifthdentist of doing that(*1).
    *1. Fifthdentist would’ve mailed the tape to us instead. True story.(*2)
    *2. That’s a lie. Fifthdentist would’ve copied the camcorder’d video off of youtube with his camcorder.

  13. evilDoug says

    If I had to guess, the cause of death was a heated discussion with another gun owner.

    Nugent continued: “You are talking to a guy who talks to more gun owners in more heated and concerned conversations than anyone who lives.

    Why, Ted? Why did you do it?

  14. Larry says

    Since accusations are really, really cheap when you pull them from your ass, I’ll go ahead and throw Bill and Hillary into the conspiracy to murder this person, whoever the fuck he was, just because. And he was murdered to direct attention away from Bengazi scandal.

    There. I said it.

  15. says

    “I don’t understand. He was a gun owner. Everyone knew he owned guns, Yet he was killed in his own home. How can this be? I keep hearing how owning guns keeps you safe.”

    Shortly after the Sandy Hook killings a NY newspaper published a list of all of the persons with handgun permits in two counties (a third county refused to comply with the papers request for the records which are public documents)–source:

    The gunzloonz are flippin’ out on this one. Oddly, those are pretty much the same group who say that John Lott and Gary Kleck’s assertions that many/most DGU’s* involve simply brandishing. Now, it appears that people who rely on gunz instead of locking their fucking doors and using alarm systems are being preyed upon ( Boofuckin’hoo. What these asshats don’t bother to talk about is that it was ONLY handgunz that the original article talked about.

    FWIW, there is a list of ALL handgun permittees in the state of NY. It’s a STATE agencies file and not on a county data base. Somebody bet me last week that I could NOT get that information without a phalanx of lawyers and a wheelbarrow full of Benjamins. It took about three minutes to google it. That boat done sailed.

    “Maybe he was close personal friends with Obama who came in and took him out personally.”

    I can imagine a scene in the Oval Office.

    Aide: “Mr. President, the Joint Chiefs and the head of NIA are in agreement hat Mr. Ratliff needs to be terminated with extreme prejudice but it is, of course, your decision.”

    Mr. Obama: “Yeah, okay, call Seal Team 6 and tell them to lay on some ops for toni–. No, wait, on second thought, Michelle’s got a bunch of vegans comin’ for dinner tonight and I would rather eat broken glass then sit down to a meal of tofurkey with them. I’ll do it myself, get me a black copter, a bunch of cool assault shit and some flashbangs. Damn, I already feel better! Oh, yeah, order me some ribs!! Take out for a take out!!!”

  16. slc1 says

    Re d. C. wilson @ #19

    But isn’t is a well researched fact that he fuckes goats? I’m just asking questions here.

  17. juliestahlhut says

    First thing I’d think of: Guy owns a lot of guns. Guy goes on YouTube and makes it clear to the world that he has a lot of guns. Other people decide to steal his guns, go to his home carrying guns, shoot him in the process of robbing him.

  18. eamick says

    “Oligarchical collectivist agenda”? Oooooo, someone read Nineteen Eighty-Four recently. We’re so proud.

  19. typecaster says

    You can’t just say anything about the prez, can you? Even accuse him of premeditated murder?

    Two words. Vince Foster.

  20. thebookofdave says

    When Obama took charge of Seal Team Six on that fateful morning raid against OBL, that was just a practice run and political publicity stunt. Now that the system has matured as a domestic assassination program, he can finally go after his real target: amateur gun enthusiasts, and wacko demogogues for gun rights (starting with Ted Nugent). Erik Rush has been classified as a low-priority hit, and is too far down the list for him to worry about his own safety until at least halfway through Obama’s third term as president.

    There; I’ve said it.

  21. says

    Obama’s new gun control policy should include taking the guns away from every gun conspiracy nut. Especially if they think the government would kill people in order to pass laws to take their guns away. Ironically if they came to take their guns, that would only confirm in their minds their paranoid delusions.

  22. Pieter B, FCD says

    This is being conflated with the death in a single-SUV accident of a prominent rifle maker who posted a forwarded rant about antidepressants causing murderous rages on his Facebook page. Rifle Manufacturer Killed in Mysterious Car Crash. I don’t know what makes this “mysterious.” Car goes off road at night, macho driver was not wearing seat belt, is ejected from vehicle when it rolls, kthxbai. Happens several times every day.

    The blogger notes Aaron Swartz’s suicide and opines

    Seems if there is some-kind of secret hit squad going around killing people and make in it look like a suicide or an accident.

    All righty then. Here’s your tinfoil fedora. Have a nice day.

  23. bradleybetts says

    @Brett McCoy #3

    “Whenever they start with “I have no proof”, you know what follows is going to be unadulterated bullshit.”

    Much like the guy on the News over here last night who started his sentence with “Despite what experts may say…”. Those words cause my brain to automatically stop paying attention.

  24. thebookofdave says

    OTOH, when they get to the phrase ‘I have proof’, they are setting you up for the punch line.

  25. Thomas Williams says

    Well IF the Obummer admin’ did it, I send a dare to these fucks to come to Iowa and try their hand, the only thing that will happen is THEY will get their asses buried in the back 40, hear that Mr Prez, there’s a saying where im from…. Fuck around Lay around…..

  26. dingojack says

    “… Keith Ratliff, a 32 year-old firearms enthusiast… ”
    Wow was that guy was narrowly focused, I mean, to be only enthusiastic about firearms manufactured in 1981!

    I have no proof but I’m sure that the Rushes, ‘Bek and Billo took down the WTC’s south tower by blowing really, really hard (after killing and then raping some under-age goats, pigs, cows or some other livestock, naturally). I’m not saying it’s true, I’m just askin’ questions..
    There I’ve said it.


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