15 Year Old Gives Amazing Speech About His Mothers

This is an amazing speech by a 15 year old boy who has two mothers. You need to watch the whole thing. These kinds of stories are what change perception and help people see the humanity in others.

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  1. Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort:

    Congratulations, Ed! You made me cry at work!

    That was so miserably sweet and wonderful, I’m not even gonna bring in my usual annoyance on the matter.

  2. democommie:

    Watching the video causes me to think this:

    I don’t know whether the story is his own experience or someone else’s. I don’t know whether the story is cobbled together from disparate, but linear moments or distilled from a lifetime (and, yes, 15 years is a lifetime to someone who is 15) . I do know that sometimes the truth and reality are not in exactly the same groove.

    It was a beautiful story.

  3. WMDKitty (Always growing and learning):

    *wipes eye*

  4. Rip Steakface:

    I am no poet, and I am no judge of poetry. But that was damn uplifting.

  5. spamamander, internet amphibian:

    Damn dust in my eyes again. Hazard of living in the desert I suppose…

  6. Freodin:

    That was awesome!

  7. mattsmith:

    A good cry before work. Thank you.

  8. pelamun, the Linguist of Doom:

    as the biological father of two sons with two mums, that made me cry…

  9. epiblast:

    Cue some right-winger claiming the fact that these women were having trouble at any point as a sign that same-sex relationships never work.

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