Another Atheist Display Destroyed

In what is surely the least surprising news you’ll hear this week, yet another atheist sign has been destroyed. In West Milford, New Jersey, they decided to create a public forum for holiday displays on city property this year and some local atheists put up a sign that said “You KNOW it’s a myth. This season, celebrate REASON!” And a bunch of people lost their damn minds over it.
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Elderly Atheists Have It Worse

Atheism is growing in this country, but the growth is mostly among younger people. Surveys show that older people are far more likely to believe in God than younger people, which, I’m sorry to say had never occurred to me, almost certainly means that older atheists are more likely to face hostility among their social group than younger people are. A PBS station in California has a report on the matter.
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Liberal Hypocrisy on Filibusters

I’ve written many times about how Republicans and Democrats often exchange scripts when it comes to the filibuster. When one party is in power in the Senate, the filibuster is a terribly evil idea that must be done away with; when that same party is in the minority, the filibuster is an absolutely essential tool to avoid majoritarian tyranny. Lather, rinse, repeat. But I’m pretty disappointed to see the liberal group Common Cause behaving the same way. They actually filed a lawsuit to get the filibuster declared unconstitutional, which was just (predictably) dismissed by a federal judge.
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Help Stop the Assholes

Someone in the slymepit community has decided that it would be absolutely hilarious to start up fake Twitter accounts that look like they belong to Ophelia Benson. She is working to get a verified account with Twitter and have them shut down, but we all can help by going to these accounts and blocking them as spam.

Let’s also make sure everyone knows that this is not really Ophelia so that the impact of their fuckingassholery is muted as much as possible. These people are serious sociopaths and we need to take whatever steps are necessary to stop them from succeeding.