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Rich Lowry Keeps Using That Word…

Rich Lowry, the National Review editor most famous for seeing starbursts when Sarah Palin winked at him through the TV during the 2008 vice presidential debate, has a column at Politico objecting to the possible naming of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. And he doesn’t seem to have any clue what the word “mainstream” means. Read more

Anti-War Activists Get Green Light to Sue Over Spying

A group of anti-war groups has been given the right to sue the federal government over infiltration and spying by the military (not the FBI). The 9th Circuit Court of appeals ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, giving them standing to sue over a range of First and Fourteenth Amendment violations. Read more

Defense Industry Fears Tiny Budget Cuts

While both parties in Congress scramble to do the bidding of the defense industry and put off some or all of even the modest cuts to defense spending in the sequestration deal, the Pentagon and the defense industry is preparing for a little less gravy on the train in coming years. Read more

Thank You So Much

After my recent surgery I asked for contributions from those in a position to give them to help make up for the lost income and expense of the surgery. For those who contributed, I cannot thank you enough. This is such an amazing community and I appreciate so much how we step up for one another when the chips are down. And I’m happy to report that the recovery is going very well, far better than I could have guessed it would after the surgery. Very little pain and discomfort and I’m slowly regaining my stamina (what little I had). Read more

Reporter Meets Scientology Tormenter

LA Magazine has a remarkable article by Joel Sappell, one of the two reporters who produced what was probably the first real investigative story on Scientology in the 1980s. Like all critics or reporters looking for dirt, Sappell was subjected to serious harassment, from the poisoning of his dog to physical intimidation to bogus legal threats. In this new article, he goes to meet Mark “Marty” Rathbun, the man who led Scientology’s assaults on its enemies. Rathbun defected from the church many years ago and Sappell wants to find out exactly what went on when he was the target of Rathbun’s efforts. Read more