Be Counted in the Atheist Census

Atheist Alliance International has launched the atheist census to gather information about the world’s atheists. That information can be used to influence policymakers in the United States and around the world, so it’s worth doing. Here’s a video the group put out about the project. Click here to be counted.


  1. Cathy W says

    The site actually launched last Friday, and ran for less than 24 hours before a DOS attack took it offline. I actually did get counted before that happened….

  2. weaver says

    I’ve been trying to sign on since I first learned about it at FTB – but they’ve been down from the DoS attack every day. Hope they get up soon.

  3. baal says

    At where weaver? FTB’s has an Ernest Borg Nine complex but the various blogs aren’t exactly the same as their umbrella ‘FTB’.

    I was considering what the census is and whether or not it’s worth what ever. Self selected groups on the net don’t necessarily tell you much except about that self selected group.

  4. MarcusC says

    @democommie What have you got against New, Universal, Fundamentalist and Evangelical Atheists? And we should probably include pastafarians too.

  5. serena says

    I took it, its not bad. It uses the typical ‘Feel strongly positive about’ ‘feel somewhat positive about’ rating system in most questions. It also asks you to identify as weak strong or moderate atheist (don’t quote me, I’m wishing I could remember the exact wording). The latter half of the questionnaire seems to be geared mostly towards gathering information about the submitters opinions and experiences regarding local and national atheist organizations. Questions in the vein of ‘What would you like to see improve the visibility of local/national atheist organizations/groups’. Overall I’m happy to participate; while this won’t be the smoking gun that obliterates religious privilege, I believe that every little bit counts, and providing feedback is an opportunity I am not often privileged with. (Irony intended lol…)

  6. Michael Heath says

    serena writes:

    It uses the typical ‘Feel strongly positive about’ ‘feel somewhat positive about’ rating system in most questions.

    I’m gagging already; “feel”? I avoid the word “believe” to describe what I think where feel is idiotic to an additional degree of magnitude. Thanks for reporting this serena.

  7. serena says

    Ahh perhaps I should have mentioned, for what its worth – the questions also included long form text boxes in which they encourage the submitter to elaborate however they wish.

  8. docsarvis says

    @Hercules #3: Ed has never been prone to checking links or making sure what he posts is current rather than a one or two year old event.

  9. says

    The 2011 England and Wales census results for religion has just been released. Those selecting “no religion” have risen from 14.8% in 2001 to 25.1% in 2012. In my home city, those of “no religion” were 42.5% of the population last year.

  10. Cathy W says

    Serena, you and I apparently took different censuses – I don’t recall being asked for opinions about anything; they just wanted some basic demographic information (country, age, gender, education, “what non-belief label do you call yourself”).

  11. says

    “It also asks you to identify as weak strong or moderate atheist”

    Isn’t that sort of nonsense akin to “slightly pregnant”.

    You’re an atheist, an agnostic (very different than an atheist) or a believer. I don’t think that there are any other categories for how people can be pigeonholed on the subject of religion.

    Perhaps a better question might be, “Are you a laissez-faire or militant atheist?”. I don’t really give a rat’s ass what people believe as long as their beliefs don’t cause them or others any harm (in a pinch I’ll settle for them not harming others when they harm themselves). I will take umbrage and use short, highly charged words and phrases if someone inisists on GODbothering me.

    RE: Gordon Kilngstoshit:

    In a perfect world his legal team includes Staver, Klayman and Taitz of the KKKristianist law firm, Fucken, Dumb & Howe.

  12. atheistallianceinternational says

    Apology for the very late clarification on this post – at the time it came out we were busy working to get Atheist Census back online after the DoS attack.

    #9 Serena – I don’t know what survey you took, but it’s not Atheist Census. There’s no “feel strongly” type answers and no long form text boxes. It’s six demographic questions – country, preferred title, religious (if any) background, education level, year of birth and gender identity.

    Atheist Census is now back online and has over 120,000 entries. If you haven’t done so, please go to and take a moment to be counted.

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