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Virginia AG Agrees Obama Stole the Election

Ken Cuccinelli, the extremely far right attorney general of Virginia, went on a wingnut radio show that has been making outrageous allegations that Obama stole the election and completely agreed with the hosts that what they’re saying is correct and that they were “preaching to the choir.” Read more

Glenn Beck Will Save the World

This is a hilariously deluded video from Glenn Beck, claiming that God has tasked him to fix everything in the world, including reforming the media and the educational system, protecting Israel, and even find new sources of energy for the world. And he’s just overwhelmed by it all, but he knows God will lead him. This is downright cult-like behavior. Read more

When Religion Controls the Law

Reading Jeffrey Toobin’s new book and came across this passage from a Supreme Court ruling in Bradwell v Illinois in 1872. The case was about whether the state of Illinois could ban women from being lawyers. In the initial case, the Supreme Court of Illinois said yes, they could — and quoted a religious rationale for doing so. Read more

Islamic Militia to Murder 12 Gay Men in Libya

This is a very disturbing but hardly surprising story. In Libya, one of the many reactionary Islamic militias has kidnapped a bunch of men they say are gay and plan to mutilate and kill them in the name of Allah. Because being gay is way more immoral than mutilation and murder. Read more

Mark Cuban: Skeptic

I’ve always liked Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. I like the fact that he speaks his mind even when it pisses off the NBA and that he matches all his fines from the league with donations to charity. And here’s another reason to like him: He’s hammering the NBA for partnering up with a scam company to promote their fraudulent bracelets. Read more