Oh No! Pat’s Gonna Out Me!

Our old friend Pat is upset. Mighty upset. He doesn’t like it that I make fun of him every once in a while and, being the weapons grade dumbass that he is, he thinks that’s stalking. Of course, he always did have a problem with that idea and a Bryan Fischer-like ability to project his own behavior on others.

Hey Ed.

I’m just gonna say this. You keep up the stalking, and I am just going to do it. I am going to pull the trump card and post your real address. I do have it and I will post it, if you keep it up. I’m tired of your stalking and mocking of me and my family.

So, cut the crap, or it’s going up and I’ll just deal with the consequences, if any.

First and Last Warning.

Thanks for the chuckle, Pat. And the trip down memory lane. Last time you tried that you posted my uncle’s address, not mine (we have the same name, so it’s not the first time we’ve been mixed up). So just in case you have in mind doing that again, I’ll save you the trouble. My address is 237 Stephanie Court, Belding, Michigan. I’d be concerned about you showing up here, but that would require leaving your parents’ basement. And having a car. And not being far too pathetic to do anything but rage incoherently on your website that makes a MySpace page look subtle and understated.

And just for the record, Pat, since I know you have trouble with the concept: Responding publicly to what someone else wrote publicly and criticizing what they write is not stalking. Putting someone else’s address on line and telling people to pay him a visit, as you have already done? That’s stalking. I quote no less an authority than you, when someone posted your address on Wonkette three years ago:

Oh, and to the liberal tools who called my house and posted my address. Ever heard of stalking laws?

Update: Awww, that’s so cute. He went ahead and put up an entire blog devoted to me, Ed Brayton Exposed, and put up my address. And he got it right this time too (well, he got the address right; he did misspell my name in the URL though). Congratulations, Pat! I will henceforth cower in fear that one of your seven readers will bum a ride to my house someday and pee in the front yard or something. The site is actually registered to Keith Levenson (which may just be the blogspot whois, not the actual blog owner; I have no idea how that works for a site like blogspot), but the writing is pure Pat. He claims to have found it, but the writing is a dead giveaway.

We here at this blog, feel that Ed Brayton has gotten away unscathed by these attacks long enough. So, we are going to fire the first shot, figuratively, across his bow…

By the way, we are told that this is an section eight apartment, because Edward is too lazy to get a real job and by a real house. Because of this, he lives with a bunch of poor people.

Awkward use of commas? Check. Can’t spell even three-letter words correctly? Check. Weapons-grade projection? Check. And then he puts up a bunch of pictures that I’ve put up on my blog over the years, including a picture of my desk with the caption:

Ed’s Desk, I guess being a anti-Christian bigot pays pretty good, doesn’t it Ed?

And another of my microphone (actually the microphone that the radio station loaned me for my radio show, which I no longer have):

Ooh, Ed’s got a big microphone! That is for calling all those mean old Christians nasty names! Again, bigotry must pay awful good!

Contradicting himself only a few sentences apart? Check. Random capitalization of words that don’t need to be capitalized? Check. And then a picture that I put up from a trip to Las Vegas with a few friends, of us having dinner at Rick Moonen’s excellent seafood restaurant at Mandalay Bay, with this caption:

Man, all this guy does is eat. Notice that chick that is not wearing much. Gee, we knew you were a secularist, Ed; but hookers? Geez, you can’t do any better than that? Has Ed been tested for AIDS lately? Just wondering.

Actually, that’s the wife of the guy sitting next to her, obscured by the tower of seafood. If you could actually tell her identity, I’d probably get pretty pissed off about this one. But you can’t. The “about” page is more of that godawful writing we’ve come to expect from Pat:

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