JT’s Humiliation is complete

JT Eberhard had a bittersweet weekend at Skepticon. On the one hand, he proposed to Michaelyn Everhart and she accepted — good thing, too. On the other hand, it was time to cash that check he wrote with his big mouth, when he talked shit about how good he was at poker. His humiliation is now complete:

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  1. llewelly:

    That t-shirt looks like it was sized for you, Ed.

  2. Jasper of Maine (I feel safe and welcome at FTB):

    That t-shirt looks like it was sized for you, Ed.


  3. timgueguen:

    Maybe he;s better at a game you guys weren’t playing, like say Omaha Hi-lo.

  4. neXus:

    Is that a Surlyramics necklace I see JT wearing? Very nice. :D

    And Mr. Brayton: in case you missed my other post in your ‘poker terminology’ thread, thank you for getting me interested in the game. I’ve only played casually with friends and family, but it’s been fun all around. :)

  5. Aratina Cage:

    Haha! :)

  6. Didaktylos:

    Obviously what happened was that JT lost his shirt to Ed, so Ed realising that the world needs to be spared the sight of a topless JT, generously gave him one of his to make up for it …

  7. geocatherder:

    The world does NOT need to be spared the sight of a topless JT! Ed is, however, undoubtedly a poker god.

  8. blorf:

    So JT found god at the con?

  9. sc_af5a1de2bd492f7e2baec27b1e0276db:

    Well I hope Michaelyn chooses to hyphenate.

  10. gratch:

    Maybe it’s just me but when I read the phrasing of that headline the first thing I thought of was Ed sitting on a throne talking about the power of this fully functioning Death Star.

  11. bradleybetts:


    “Well I hope Michaelyn chooses to hyphenate.”

    Eberhard-Everhart? Lol, I hope so too :)

  12. TCC:

    Only a tiny bit OT: It was great meeting both you and IT at Skepticon, Ed. It was such a good time.

  13. TCC:

    And by IT, I clearly meant JT. (Damned phone.)

  14. Ed Brayton:

    I had the shirt made and I wasn’t sure on the size. I went with an XL because of JT’s bulging biceps. And he says he wants to combine the names and make it “Everhard.”

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