Delgaudio’s Latest Bizarre Claims

Man, Eugene Delgaudio just gets crazier and crazier. The TSA recently announced that they are replacing those “naked” body scanners with new machines that show a more cartoon-like image of your body. For some weird reason, Delgaudio thinks he should get credit for this — and that gay people loved the naked body scanners and demand body cavity searches for kids and old people.
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Kuhner: They’re Gonna Burn Us at the Stake!

Jeffrey Kuhner, a columnist for the Moonie Times and a first class nutball, went on Janet Mefferd’s show and struck the persecution pose, claiming that the “gay gestapo” will make sure anyone who criticizes them will be “burnt at the stake” and have their careers destroyed. But first, they engaged in what passes for witty banter among the wingnuts:
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Hilarious Moonie Times Headline

Rev. Moon may be dead but the newspaper he owned, and his family continues to own, is keeping up its drumbeat of dishonesty in the service of right wing authoritarianism. Take a look at the headline on this article about Richard Mourdock’s idiotic claim that rape babies are God’s will and compare it to the headline on the video they’re showing:
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Romney’s Marriage Equality Etch-a-Sketch

Like every other issue, Mitt Romney has been on every side of the marriage equality issue depending on what he thinks is most politically expedient at any given moment. After absurdly claiming in 1994 that he would be “better than Ted Kennedy” on gay rights, during the Republican primary this year he signed a pledge to support the Federal Marriage Amendment that would ban same-sex marriage nationwide and overrule all state laws on the matter.
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Dumbass Quote of the Day

The response from Republicans to President Obama’s absolutely accurate belittling of Romney’s moronic claim about the size of the Navy has been quite amusing to watch. Paul Ryan feigned ignorance and said he just couldn’t imagine what it means. But Marco Rubio knows what it means; it means Obama hates the troops. Or something.

“I think the president belittled the military,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). “He compared the modern Navy to bayonets and horses — I thought that was an amazing statement.”

Come on people. You aren’t even trying anymore. At least make the effort to appear not to be either idiots or liars.