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Glenn Beck is Right

On a recent show, Glenn Beck actually said something that was accurate. He said it in his usual faux-earnest, hypocritical and melodramatic way, but when he says “I’m sorry America, but your president is a liar,” he’s absolutely right. Obama is a liar. Read more

The Injustice of Mandatory Minimum Sentences

One of the most damaging aspects of our perpetually destructive war on drugs is the invention of mandatory minimum sentences. The laws that created them were passed by politicians seeking to present themselves as tough on drugs and tough on crime but they are doing enormous damage to individuals and to society. A sitting federal judge, Mark W. Bennett, explains why: Read more

Leaving the Unification Church

Jen Kiaba, a young woman who left the Unification Church — the Moonies — that she was raised in, has a really incredible article about her life in that cult. It focuses a lot on the marriage she had arranged by Rev. Moon himself and the story is heartbreaking to read. Read more

Virginity References, the Latest Faux Freakout

You can always count on conservatives to crank up the faux outrage machine over some irrelevant little story, and their latest fainting spell involves an Obama campaign ad that encourages young woman who are voting for the first time to make their choice wisely. The references to losing ones virginity are obvious: Read more

Chambers’ Ad Hominem

Dean Chambers, the man behind Unskewed Polls, demonstrates perfectly how to execute an ad hominem attack. Contrary to popular misconception, an ad hominem is not merely an insult; it’s a logical fallacy wherein one argues against the truth of someone’s claims by referring to some irrelevant personal trait that they disapprove of. Chambers aims this ad hominem at Nate Silver: Read more